Han Han directed the film “Four Seas”, you read him is a safety education film

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Chinese actor Han Han’s new film “Four Seas” hit theaters on The first day of the Lunar New Year, breaking the 400 million yuan mark at the box office and now ranking second among eight Spring Festival films, according to Maoyan.”The Four Seas” is directed by Han Han, Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng, Qiao Shan, Zhou Qi, Wang Yanlin starring, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yu Hao, Chen Xiaochun, Wan Ziliang, Wu Yanshu, Zhao Ziqi, Feng Shaofeng friendship in the movie.Many people say that Han Han let everyone see the car accident during the New Year, which is unlucky.I have a second opinion after reading it.Both the story and shooting techniques of the film are in line with Han’s creative style.The film expresses family affection, love and friendship, enriching the ideal and shining into the reality, interspersed with several accidents played a very good safety warning.The film tells the story of wu Renyao, a young man who is good at motorcycle stunts, and his father Wu Renteng, whom he has not seen for many years, meet again.From the movie, many people see the emotional line and feel the imbalance between ideal and reality, but they feel frustrated at the tragic end of the two siblings, Huan Ge and Huan Song.In fact, that’s the end of the story.Han han is known as a good racing driver, but the sport is always dangerous and he doesn’t encourage it in his creation.What’s more, Renyao and Huan elder brother involved in illegal racing gambling this is illegal, doomed to have no good results.In the movie, they go to a bar to drink after a successful team race and then jump into the sea to sober up.When I saw this footage, I knew something was up.Swimming is forbidden after drinking alcohol, which is listed in safety regulations in many workplaces.It’s okay. The movie won’t pass muster.Han doesn’t use the usual technique to write the ending. Instead of drowning huan, a cruise ship comes along and makes Him disappear in the dark sea.Such shooting gives the film more visual impact and pressure.Happy elder brother’s design is doomed to no good end.He raced cars illegally and borrowed money from loan sharks.You either die in a car accident or you end up with a loan shark.Han han used the third method to write him dead, no doubt added a cautionary case.The ending of the movie car accident is not left to Huan Elder brother, not left to Renyao, but finally left to Huan Song.In the movie, In order to make more money to pay off the loan shark, Renyao takes a big job as a stand-in for a singer.The task was to fly a motorcycle across the Pearl River at the height of the singer’s concert.And at this time huan Song also use work to earn money to redeem renyao’s motorcycle ready to give him a surprise.Can be in huan Song drive this motorcycle to watch Renyao stunt show on the road was the activity of the vehicle knocked down disappeared in the field of vision.The moment the motorcycle falls, the ode to Joy goes down with the plot.Many viewers said they could not accept the ending.In conventional thinking, the accident should be the death of the team’s personnel, but the outcome falls on the joy of not participating in the car.The events were interlocking, and without this dangerous show the tragedy that followed would not have occurred.This kind of ending shows us that illegal racing can hurt people around you, if not yourself.This movie depicts feelings, looks forward to life, but also warns behavior, let us learn that life needs to be practical, need rules, is worth watching.The picture originated from the Internet