Winter vacation of left-behind children in Qinhuangdao Mountainous area: Not “weak” Love is not “broken”

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The picture shows a micro-wish gift for Xiao Wen (pseudonym).Shijiazhuang, February 13 (Li Yang Tao Yu Suo) The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, for 12-year-old mountain girl Xiao Qi (pseudonym), spent a different Kind of Spring Festival.Xiao Qi lives in a village in Hetou Town, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province.Xiao Qi and her grandmother are both at home. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, their parents chose to spend the Spring Festival at the construction site.The Spring Festival is a rare time for family reunions, as three generations spend less time together and more time apart.But the Spring Festival was also full of warmth, and Xiao Qi’s “micro wish” came true.Nearly 1,000 rural migrant workers in Gehetou Town, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province, failed to return home for the lunar New Year under the “Local Lunar New Year” initiative.After the relevant local departments in Qinhuangdao understood the situation, they carried out the activity of “Five social associations in Qinglong light children’s micro wishes”, sent care to the mountain villages, and sent warm New Year’s gifts for left-behind children.Xiao Qi’s micro wish is to have a paintbrush, because she wants to be a painter when she grows up and paint the colorful world with her brush.When she got the brush, she drew her colorful wishes on the paper.In the face of the society’s love and care, Xiao Qi wrote a letter of thanks, “We are not flowers in a greenhouse, we are tenacious grass growing in the stone crevasses, the difficult life has tempered our will, but we are not alone.Because of teachers who care and help us, people who love us…Everyone’s care, let us feel the warmth of the children in the winter, let us in a foreign father and mother more at ease!Thank you very much!”In the river town dasen store primary school reading grade five Yaoyao (pseudonym), parents are not at home all the year round, grandpa sick in bed, as the eldest brother of the family she took up the responsibility of assisting grandma to take care of grandpa, care of his brother and sister.Yaoyao is very motivated and always ranks among the best in her grade.When collecting micro wishes, Yaoyao wants a set of school stationery and a new set of clothes for her brother and sister as New Year gifts.When volunteers delivered the gift to her, she was so excited that she told her parents by phone at the first time.”My dream is to be admitted to a key university and become an excellent people’s teacher to teach more people to master knowledge and change their destiny.”Yaoyao said confidently.The children left behind in their hometowns are also the deepest concern of migrant parents.The parents of 13-year-old Left-behind child Xiao Wen (pseudonym) sent him a handsome baseball uniform by post and sent him New Year’s greetings via an online video.During a video chat with his parents, Xiao Wen happily showed off his micro-wish gift — a pair of sneakers.”My parents work outside for a better life at home, and my grandmother has also paid a lot for me.I will study hard and live up to the love from my family and the community.”Xiaowen in winter vacation life will share housework for grandma, will also practice cucurbit flute.Cheerful character xiaowen like Yue Yunpeng crosstalk, grow up also want to become like him as a comedian, to bring joy to more people.According to Liu Chunhui, party secretary of Gehetou Town in Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, most of the town’s migrant workers are in Tangshan, Tianjin and Beijing.In order to let the children’s Spring Festival not lonely, feel the warmth of the social family, the light micro wish activity, launched grassroots party members, cadres and the masses and relevant departments and caring enterprises to collect micro wishes in the home of left-behind children.The micro wish activity helped more than 200 left-behind children in the district realize their New Year wishes.Liu chunhui said that school bags, colored pens, sports clothes and other items are children’s most pure dreams and expectations.It is hoped that more people will pay attention to left-behind children, a special group, so that they can grow up in a caring and warm environment.(after)