Shuangluan District, Chengde city: Colorful cultural activity “Make Yuanxiao”

2022-07-14 0 By

Hebei News (Du Dandan) in order to promote the traditional ethnic culture, enrich the cultural life of the masses, on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, Chengde Shuangluan District bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Television organized cultural center, each town (street) cultural station and (village) community to carry out a rich and colorful festival celebration activities.Baoding community and district cultural center, garbage classification third party company jointly launched “fun guess lantern riddles happy Celebration of the Lantern Festival” our holiday theme activities.During the activity, volunteers distributed garbage classification leaflets to residents, explaining garbage classification tips.Let the residents feel happy and peaceful atmosphere at the same time also learn garbage classification tips, by the majority of residents praise.Rongxin community joint area non-public enterprises – speed beauty cleaning company, launched “our festival yuanxiao guess lantern riddles” theme party day activities.”Dandelion” into the community vividly and interestingly explained the origin of the Lantern Festival and guessing riddles interesting, from the community party members and residents three groups, five people a group to discuss the answer to the riddle.Yuanbaoshan Street Culture Station and Yuxiangyuan Community jointly held the activity of “Our Festival · Lantern Riddles Guessing” on the 15th day of the first lunar month. More than 100 lantern riddles not only covered core values, anti-corruption, life knowledge, famous sentences, but also closely combined with knowledge of the Winter Olympics and folk culture characteristics of Shuangluanhe.Lantern riddles should be the scene, the battle of wits, let a person aftertaste endless.Luandian community of Gangcheng Street launched a lantern Riddle guessing activity with the theme of “Praise the Winter Olympics and Celebrate the Lantern Festival”. The activity not only made residents feel the joy and warmth of the Lantern Festival, but also experienced the fun of the Winter Olympic Games in the lively guessing activities through various forms of interactive questions online and offline.A series of Lantern Festival activities have also been held in Bianchaozi Town.Guessing lantern riddles activity scene, everyone in high spirits, scrambling to solve riddles.In sanjia village square, everyone was singing and dancing, with a festive smile on everyone’s face.The yangko performance for the 2022 Lantern Festival in Xidi Town was held at xidi New Village Square.The cultural backbone from each village presented a cultural feast for the residents.Xidi Town Jiayuan community Party branch organized community party members and resident representatives to carry out the activity of “Celebrate the Festival, pack the Lantern Festival”. Community staff and district party representatives packed the dumplings and sent them to the old people participating in the activity, sending warmth to the hearts of residents.Chen Raizi town dazhizi village to carry out “our Festival · Yuanxiao” Yangko show, yangko team members wearing colorful yangko clothes, wearing a flower, swinging colorful silk, colorful fans, twisted out of the enthusiasm and bold yangko, creating a harmonious, happy, united festive atmosphere.Luanhe town organ party branch and hotel village party branch to carry out the “Lantern Festival Yangko show” activities, invited party members and the masses gathered together, hotel village Yangko team to the unique charm of the yangko show to the people of the town to send the Lantern Festival blessing.The Lantern Festival, Damiao town small sankou village held “our festival Lantern Yangko performance”.Knock heroic drum, twisting a happy waist, singing intoxicating music, small sanfork village Yangko team with good wishes for the future, with beautiful dance, sing the sweet life, look forward to a better future!