Anhui province successfully held the first session of earthquake protection and disaster reduction popular science explanation learning exchange activity

2022-07-14 0 By

Recently, by the Seismological Bureau of Anhui Province, the provincial association for Science and Technology, the provincial Education Department, the provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial Language committee co-sponsored by the provincial disaster prevention association, the first period of Anhui province earthquake prevention and disaster reduction science and technology explanation learning exchange activities held in Guangde city.This activity is the pre-competition communication of the first Earthquake prevention and disaster reduction popular science explanation contest in Anhui Province, aiming to help the participating units to further understand the rules of the competition, optimize the selection of materials and explanation content, improve the competitive ability of the provincial players, and strive for better results in the national competition.More than 70 contestants and science popularization workers from the whole province participated in the event.