The giant together, the property industry is more interesting

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For a long time, the property industry has experienced the ebb and flow of the tides.Industry to return to its roots, basic services are more and more attention, value-added services are also considered pattern renovation, cross-border many attempts, the head of the property enterprises to accelerate the integration of resources, maintain the rapid growth of the management area.Positive quantitative changes in the ongoing, as if behind the orderly, but less eye-catching freshness — some people believe that the sector since the second half of 2021 valuation decline, perhaps is a side of the capital to give feedback.Undoubtedly, the property service is a silent long-term process, but people are more willing to see a fresh and imaginative service industry, to see a new qualitative change in the industry.Not the scale of the story is not fragrant, just keen and shrewd capital, do not want to pay too much for a table of “staple food”.The same is true of industry leaders.A few days ago, Country Garden said at its earnings conference that the era of pursuing scale and contract is over.In this year and in the future, the acquisition and acquisition of Country Garden services will focus on “strengthening weaknesses”, introducing talents, building product lines and strengthening advantages.On the last day of the first quarter, a few hours after Vanke’s earnings conference, The ipo prospectus was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the status of the city service provider was finally “recognized by everyone.”At the beginning of this year, Longhu packaged property services and commercial operations into “Longhu Smart Innovation Life”, covering the space services of clothing, food, housing, transportation and shopping, so that the service derived more possibilities.In the past, they were the leading enterprise with the broadest service dimension and the leader in service innovation in the property management field. They also had different views and ideas on the future of the property management industry.Perhaps from them, capital can see more than one possibility for the future of the industry.It is believed that, from value discovery to value differentiation, the property management sector has entered a new stage in 2021. On the one hand, the redistribution of resources will accelerate the integration of the industry; on the other hand, the giants will also trigger qualitative changes under the cultural model with the accumulation of scale, thus breaking the existing property service ceiling.In 2022, the head camp reshuffle is inevitable.Ehan think tank said in the research report, when Longhu Zhichuang Life and all things Cloud are successfully landed on the capital market, the head of the enterprise will form a new pattern.With the external expectations for property management to pull full, the property industry has a new page is destined to be extraordinary.On the evening of March 31, the prospectus of All Things Cloud was officially posted on the website of the Stock Exchange.In 2021, The company achieved 23.705 billion yuan in operating revenue, up 32.1% year on year, and net profit of 1.714 billion yuan;By the end of 2021, the management scale of All Things Cloud reached 780 million square meters, up 35.9% year on year. Over 70% of the new area in the past year came from third parties, with 1.01 billion square meters under contract management.This is a report card belonging to the first echelon of property management industry, charm is self-evident, behind these numbers, it is the concept of all Things Cloud to convey — Vanke Chairman yu Liang said “urban service provider”.What this identity corresponds to is not only the city service business that Everything Cloud focuses on developing in recent years, but also the new understanding of property service.Perhaps what Vanke Cloud wants to do is to make use of its layout in different business forms to increase the “content of ten thousand” in each block, connecting services from points to pieces, and eventually becoming a “total package” of services for each street.In fact, in order to adapt to a higher “concentration”, All Things Cloud has made many attempts to enable. For example, in the latest prospectus, it can be seen that the work order system “Baichuan Engine” independently developed by All Things Cloud has been online and has been applied in All Things Security, All things Cloud City, parks and residential business.Buffer zones are preset in advance for future “concentration” increases.On the last day of 2021, The company updated the candlestick of its business. Vanke Property, Animist Liangxing and Animist Cloud City in the SPACE module still had lights on, while a “Yuying platform” was installed next to it.At that time, the explanation of All Things Cloud was that “Yuying platform” was a buffer of system transition and cultural transition, and an open platform for all things Cloud to connect and empower external property partners.This means that another platform aimed at integrating new investment companies into the system has also matured. In addition, the well-known “Smart Alliance”, from member incubation, technology empowerment, cultural transition, as well as the traditional Vanke property and other businesses.In fact, in the planning of all things cloud, “troika” in the most imaginative space of all things cloud city, was its highest gear.As one of the “key cores” of the new unit of measurement, The company hopes to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 60 percent, compared with vanke Property, a traditional residential unit, which has a target growth rate of less than 30 percent.In the trade-off between upper and lower, or under pressure from a high base of scale, more resource reallocation to new targets also indicates the intention to favor urban services business.An industry insider said that the increase of “concentration” of the cloud for a single street means the chemical reaction between different formats and the connotation of more services, which is not only about cost and experience, but even more valuable products such as culture.Longhu’s new practice of “growing” from isolated projects to streets is based on property services and jumps out of the scope of original property services. The idea of cloud of all Things has undoubtedly injected new imagination space for this industry.Of course, All Things Cloud is not the only enterprise with “qualitative change”. In 2022, it brings freshness to the industry earlier, as well as Longhu Zhichuang Life.Over the years, people always like to “prudent” to describe longhu, indeed, the three red lines for six consecutive years to maintain the green, the three major international rating agencies of the whole investment grade, as a corporation such performance is impressive, but at the same time also let people habitually ignore longhu more assertive on the strategic side, for example, longhu 61 shopping center of operations management and life,Benefit from dragon lake inchoate in the commercial domain to withstand the resolute pressure of many.Today, the corresponding commercial operation and management business makes Longhu Smart Innovation Life attracting much attention. Some organizations directly equates it with Huarun Smart Innovation Life, which almost indicates that Longhu Smart Innovation Life will become the darling of capital.In the past, the model of “property management + commercial management” has always been the most favored combination by the capital market. As a leading enterprise in commercial management, China Resources Vientiane Life enjoys the highest valuation in the sector, with a dynamic p/E ratio almost always maintained at more than 50 times.Undoubtedly, steadiness and decisiveness may be at odds with each other most of the time, but in the development of Longhu in the past nearly 30 years, they are not at odds with each other.In the final analysis, the logic of Longhu is always to “grow”, no matter the absolute financial security, or the business grid layout, in fact, are serving for this.Compared with the horizontal dimension of “street by street” of All Things Cloud and the “big community” of Country Garden service, Longhu Smart Innovation Life has inherited the “time” gene of Longhu and added a vertical dimension of time to its business philosophy:”Longhu Zhichuang Life is committed to providing customers with high-quality services throughout the life cycle, which can break through the boundaries of time and space.”As early as 2018, Longhu redefined space and service and put forward the strategy of “space as service”. Among them, the building of three core competencies has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts — building space manufacturing and management capabilities;Build the ability to further insight into customers;Build service integration ability, so that the management and service ability of Longhu can be effectively improved, and realize the effective connection between people and space.Based on the strategy of “space as service”, Longhu is now a rare enterprise that ranks in the top 10 of the industry in real estate development, commercial investment, rental housing, space service and other space businesses, and also takes into account urban renewal, medical care and other innovative business layout.In early 2022, Longhu will officially announce the “One Longhu” ecosystem.In the past years, Longhu Group has benefited greatly from its multi-channel synergy strategy, and the “One Longhu” ecosystem is the embodiment of its efficient synergy, which not only covers the space and services of its diversified businesses, but also includes continuous investment in technology and other capabilities.Based on the ecological system, many Spaces developed by Longhu itself and the achievements of Longhu Smart Innovation Life over the years, basic services and life services can penetrate into different scenes of “life”, including going to school, renting a house after graduation, starting a job, buying a house and starting a family, raising children and living in old age.Or shopping and dining, leisure and entertainment, transportation, health care, home services, smart city and other daily life needs and experiences, Longhu Smart Innovation Life service feelers throughout all aspects of life.In the eyes of insiders, by extending the traditional property service chain and rearranging the service scenes, each scene of Longhu Smart Innovation life service is not isolated, and even forms a relatively complete life service ecology centering on “people’s needs”.In this sense, Longhu Smart Innovation Life has created a new paradigm that is different from the existing property management enterprises in the market, or even the whole capital market.One is to turn service points on the map into lines, the other is to connect people’s needs at different stages.Only The cloud of all things and Longhu Intelligent innovation Life, give the future of the property management industry “planning different models.Now, the head of the material management enterprise has apparently come to the crossroads of the future.If we say that the “street concentration” business of All Things Cloud is with the idea of upgrading the property service from a community to the street and constantly enlarging the unit;The life of Longhu Smart innovation is to focus on the needs of each person, the service will be refined to the needs of each person, in other words, is to make “lifelong” friends with the people served.In the past few years, the head property enterprises, such as AnythingCloud and Longhu Smart Innovation Life, have accumulated rich and diversified space formats and service capabilities. After re-integration, they have derived new service modes.All Things Cloud looks forward to the chemical reaction brought by the improvement of “containing ten thousand rate”, while Longhu Smart Innovation Life pays more attention to the grid layout, relying on its high satisfaction rate of over 90% in the past 13 years, and the differentiated experience brought by high-quality services, forming a unique trust and dependence.In fact, whether longhu wisdom and life and all things cloud in 2018, successively into wisdom city services, or in a slightly cold 2022 successively submit a prospectus, so on, for a long time, the two companies have many similarities, but based on culture and development, and out of the considerable differences of the two paths.Even the two sides have different ideas about technology investment, which they both want.In the prospectus, the revenue generated by The Alot and BPaaS solutions of The Company has become a new growth point, rising from 806 million yuan in 2019 to 1.85 billion yuan in 2021.Longhu Smart innovation Life focuses on creating digital base enabling business development, using technology to continuously improve efficiency.In Sullivan’s report, in 2020, Longhu Smart innovation life per capita income and per capita in the area of management has ranked first in the TOP10 enterprises, and according to the latest disclosure data calculation, Longhu Smart innovation life in 2021 per capita income has been more than 430,000 yuan, per capita in the area of more than 10,000 yuan, the human efficiency comparison has been further improved.There are not only Anythings Cloud and Longhu Zhichuang Life. In the past, property management enterprises chose different development directions based on endowments and concepts, such as big property, three supply and one industry, commercial operation and management, etc., forming differentiated accumulation.Cicc said in a research report, the next stage of derivative circuit capacity building will become the head the competition focus of content companies, companies will be on the one hand, rely on congenital advantage community portal, in the form of intermediary business polymerization many supplier form transverse matrix of products and services, on the other hand, optimizing development prospects of strategic track vertical ability, do deep through.All things Cloud and Longhu Zhichuang Life are two cases.As ehan Think Tank said, with the listing of the two enterprises, their operation mode and operation data will be more clearly displayed in front of colleagues in the industry, providing the industry with more services and management experience for reference.At a recent earnings call, Longfor management said, “We believe now is the time to get to the bottom of the matter and pursue business logic and rationality.”Standing in the new stage of the development of the property management industry, the industry is entering the crossroads from one-way road.Look up, there is a new unit of measurement, a new service dimension, more fresh and predictable future.