Chen Yanan live self-exposed New Year’s Day to eat the cold door?When I called Coat, no one answered

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Chen Yanan live self-exposure on the first day of the New Year to eat the cold door?The original is intended to come to the New Year’s eve to pay New Year’s visit to the former father-in-law, but because of a variety of factors, then choose to do not meet the way to express their own mind, frankly in the first day of the New Year to coat brother call ready to say happy New Year, the other party did not answer her phone, and then call is shut down.Some people say that coat brother shut down on the right, after all, before the recording thing is not less to provoke controversy, in case and say what not to listen to the words, this is a public figure will have a negative impact, say less or not say it is a better way to deal with.Chen yanan also said on another platform, to express their own powerless, to create a polite image.Say ya-nan Chen to coat coat putting new thing, actually in the long before there is a rumor, happens to be her live to sell goods, although has more than four hundred fans, but not approved, few fans, and questioned, studio products that bring goods to earn this road is not smooth, the result is said she want to the former in-laws happy New Year, after all, if really do this,So for this belt cargo host broadcast, is undoubtedly will increase the popularity and flow, can also usher in a wave of heat, perhaps for her career can also play a boost role.The result is close year close, people did not wait for Chen Yanan to appear in the coat elder brother’s door, think Chen Yanan is just talk about it, after all, two have nothing to do with each other, do not pay a New Year visit is reasonable.As a result, Chen Yanan side and self-exposure to call the former in-laws, the result did not get through, also New Year fruitless, especially the other party also shut down, good coincidence, also do not know is afraid of others to disturb or know the former daughter-in-law to call.Actually, from the elder brother of the coat is busy let the matchmaker introduce Zhu Xiaowei to blind date, it coats elder brother they also be let go of the past it, after all, still want to go forward, and the two didn’t get me wrong, rare after separate clearly composite possibility is not big, just to raise new Zhu Xiaowei marriage, and the elder brother of the coat of ya-nan Chen is not in the interview,After all, as Zhu xiaowei’s father, he must choose to defend his son at this time.Again see Zhu Xiaowei also becomes less fear lens, and let people play combat, chatting with some girls talking and laughing, photographed together, a meeting, also don’t repel mutually close, driver’s license, learn a new skill, the elder brother of the coat will give Zhu Xiaowei live, a battle of the father and son both visual feeling, it is out of the shadow of the past that feeling?In addition, Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yanan broke up the matter has nothing to say, is completely split up, their own good appearance.In contrast, ya-nan Chen was more nostalgia for the past, now and brother out to mention coat and Zhu Xiaowei, again with the reporter revealed, especially live to sell goods to meet some big or small problem, she would occasionally divorce, for one thing, seem to leave the change on the elder brother of the coat, also may be know the coat elder brother can bring her fever.As she mentioned this thing call former in-laws, this let others listen to also don’t understand, first of all like this relationship is to keep silence silent, on the other hand, tried a good personal life is an attitude, why entanglements in the past, this doesn’t matter of two families again what identity to give each other New Year?In short, now that the breakup is ready to leave the psychological arena, so that you can focus on running your own life.