Blind date second change ask a diagnosis!A 30-year-old man was raised by the woman’s old father a vote, but also special attention: check liver function

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Xiao Yu, 32, started his own business right after graduating from college and worked day and night for several years before the company finally got on the right track.At the urging of the old mother, last Sunday with a family of traditional Chinese medicine girl blind date.Who knows, both parents sit down after all kinds of inquiries, the reality of the two young people are surprised.What let him think of most is, the other party old father still take the initiative to give him pulse to ask a diagnosis, looked at his palm after again solemnly tell him: the thing of blind date is temporarily slow, still hurriedly go to the hospital to check liver function.Can you get liver cancer yourself?Xiao Yu dared not delay.As a result of many years of physical examination have suggested that he has fatty liver, so, he hung up the affiliated hospital of Hangzhou Normal University (city two hospital) fatty liver joint clinic number.Xiao Yu told shi Junping, the vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, that during these years of starting her own business, staying up late to work overtime was a common thing, and drinking and socials were so frequent that she felt burdened.Originally did not smoke or drink, now at least a pack of cigarettes a day.The night snack is mostly barbecue, hot pot, and the meal does not leave wine.The most two years, the hair is less and less, often feel belly bilge, occasionally can have lower part of right rib bilge pain, the strangest is the hand, do not know from when, the palm than blush, still be laughed at by the family said to have practiced iron sand palm.Shi Junping gave Xiao Yu a series of examinations.The results were not good.Xiao Yu had early cirrhosis, abnormal liver function, high blood pressure and high blood lipids, and was overweight.For now, it must be treated with a combination of drugs, exercise and diet.If indulged, the degree of cirrhosis will continue to progress, the incidence of liver cancer will be greatly increased.Xiao Yu’s compliance is very good, the same day began to follow the doctor’s guidance for diagnosis and treatment.So, when blind date, why did the old father of the other side see xiao Yu palm surmise his liver is bad?Next, we will give you a popular science of liver palm related knowledge.The person who appears liver palm usually has “1 red 1 white” performance on the palm.”1 red” — the size of the thenar redness of the liver palm, the size of the thenar, there will be congestion, redness.Some of you may have heard of this for the first time, but it’s actually right at the base of the thumb.Patients may experience redness in this area, usually in patchy redness.”1 white” — The palmof the palm of the palm, I’m sure you all know where it is, under normal circumstances, the palm of our hands usually appear pink, unless you have just been pressed on the palm, may have a slight white performance, but soon relieved.But in people with liver problems, the center of the hand will be noticeably bloodless.Shi Junping reminds the following symptoms should also be vigilant: 1, there is no desire to eat the liver can detoxify the body, but in fact it can also secrete a certain amount of bile.It helps the body metabolize fat, but if the liver function is impaired and the bile content in the body is reduced, the body’s eating response may be stopped by the brain, so there will be no desire to eat.2, liver disease, such as facial expression, white eyes yellow.This is because the liver is impaired and the body is unable to metabolise bilirubin in time.Thus producing the appearance of liver disease.3, the surface of the skin spider nevus on the surface of the body, like a spider nevus.If you press with your fingers, the skin may temporarily return to normal, but when the fingers are released, spider moles will reappear.4, liver pain if a recent period of time, the occurrence of liver pain, may indicate that their own suffering from more serious liver disease.Because when liver disease progresses to a certain extent, there may be liver enlargement, which pulls on the liver capsule, causing pain and discomfort.So the occurrence of this kind of unwell, explain the illness is relatively serious, had better cause certain attention.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: