The new locally confirmed case in Nanping of Fujian province was a close contact of confirmed cases in Jiangxi province

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(against COVID – 19) native fujian nanping new confirmed 1 case of confirmed cases of jiangxi contact person nanping Beijing, March 27 (reporter Zhang Lijun), nanping in fujian province jianyang area to work headquarters 27 COVID – 19 outbreak alerts, said on March 26, jianyang area in routine for isolation personnel will be coronavirus in nucleic acid detection, 1 found that positive;On March 27, nanping Center for Disease Control and Prevention tested positive and confirmed the case (mild) by the expert group.At present, the case has been transferred to a designated place for centralized isolation and treatment in a closed loop.According to the notification, the main activity track of the case was removed: Case 2, now living in Kaixuancheng Community, Zhuxi Avenue, was a close contact of Wu, a confirmed jianyang case in Jiangxi Province.March 23, 7:00-11:42, in a flat meat shop in Triumph City;11:42 — 12:47, near the store door;15:19 — 15:26, shopping in a fresh food supermarket.March 24, 7:00-12:20, in a flat meat shop in Triumph City;12:20 — 12:53, near the shop entrance;13:32 — 13:39 in a ceramic shop;13:39 — 14:20, in a flat meat shop in Triumph City;14:20 — 15:10, Chian Branch of Nanping Second Hospital;15:10-15:20, a large pharmacy in Wuyi International New Town;15:20 — 19:24, in a flat meat shop in Triumph City;At 19:24, it was quarantined at a “point-to-point” transport isolation point.On March 24, Nanping city held a press conference to announce: Jianyang District of Nanping City received a report from Jiangxi Province, Jianyang registered Wu was confirmed as a positive case in Jiangxi Province.In the process of conducting screening and nucleic acid tests on its close contacts, Li and Zheng were found to be positive in nucleic acid tests, and were diagnosed as asymptomatic infected persons by experts.Source: