Be seen!Chen SAN is hanging a banner at the door of the waste room, but netizens are paying attention to his shoes: a 3-year-old child?

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Chen SAN waste and his wife Chen Chen’s story, I think we are very clear!In order to create more publicity, the couple even hid the first two children and took the third child as the first child in the shoot, which caused a hot debate.It is estimated that few people would have known that Chen sanbao and his wife were pregnant with three children under the age of 26, if Chen sanbao’s sister had not taken her nephew and niece out to record her works and accidentally exposed the information of their child.Pregnant for a long time Chen Orange clearly has been super due date, but the child has not started the signs, let her also some helpless.Her mother-in-law had repeatedly urged her to have an injection, but she refused to listen and insisted on a natural birth, which took too long.Although she finally gave birth to her baby son, but because the delay was too long, resulting in the birth of a lot of problems, and the baby’s face were crowded red, let a person look at some distressed.When Chen Entered the delivery room, Chen sanbao and his mother pulled a banner at the door of the delivery room to cheer on his wife.She was dressed up in a very western style, wearing earrings and gold bracelets, a skirt and high heels.Chen Sanwaste is also dressed very handsome, inside is a white T-shirt, outside is a light blue suit, do not know that the company to open an annual meeting.Although some people thought Chen ran to the door of the delivery room with a banner, somewhat too ostentatious, but more netizens are concerned about his shoes.It can be clearly seen from the pictures posted that Chen sanwaste is wearing so handsome on his upper body, but he is wearing two different slippers, one of which is a brown bear pattern, the other is a water cup pattern.Although the shoes were light grey, the pattern showed that they were not a pair of shoes, and he may have been in a hurry when he came to the hospital and put on the wrong shoes.This also just shows a problem, Chen sanwaste is too sloppy, a little Internet celebrity appearance.When netizens saw that Chen could wear the wrong shoes at his age, they joked “a three-year-old child?”When the child goes out to wear the wrong shoes also stop, he is the husband for the father, should give the child to make an example just right, how can be so embarrassed?Also to accompany Chen Orange to give birth to the child’s mother, dress up so decent, do not forget to wear gold dai Yin, Chen Sanwaste is wearing 2 different slippers came to the hospital, REALLY do not know he is in a show or IQ is not enough!If Chen even wears his pants upside down, he will be called “imbecilic”. At that time, not only his children will look down on him, but even his 30 million fans will think they are the wrong person.In addition to this one thing, there is one thing Chen Sanwaste do is not moral, Chen Orange gave birth to the child so fragile, he and sister, brother-in-law open live to sell goods, his wife and son in the hospital, REALLY don’t know what he is thinking!Of course, making money is very important, but not everything can be bought with money. If he misses such important things as taking care of his wife and son, he will have regrets in his life.I hope Chen SAN waste can think about it, admit their mistakes early, to Chen Orange’s family an account, also give you an attitude.Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. What else do you want to add after reading it?