A week weather | bright sunny weather The temperature fluctuation

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Into April, the genial spring breeze, beautiful spring scenery, so beautiful, let a person relaxed and happy!Qingming holiday weather is fine, temperature fluctuations increase, morning and evening temperature difference is obvious.However, the weather before and after qingming festival is changeable, and the temperature fluctuates greatly, which is easy to cause respiratory tract and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Here we remind you to pay more attention to the weather change and add clothes in time.Xiaobian learned from the city meteorological station, according to the latest meteorological data analysis, during the Qingming Festival, the weather is mainly sunny, no obvious precipitation process, the wind is basically about level 3 to 4.Qing Zhou, deputy director of zhenjiang Meteorological Station, said the temperature remained stable throughout the holiday, with the highest staying at 16 to 18 degrees and the lowest at less than 10 degrees.After tomb-sweeping Day, dantu District still maintained fine weather, temperature showed a trend of rising.During the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, the highest temperature will rise above 20 degrees and the lowest temperature will rise above 10 degrees.