The stars shared photos in their swimsuits, including Kim Kardashian in an average bikini and Kendu in her most chic uggs

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While we were enjoying the beautiful and stunning opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in freezing winter weather, on the other side of the world, some people were showing off their bodies in beautiful bikinis.On February 3, the Sun compiled a list of bikini snaps recently shared by actresses on social media, which are reminiscent of a hot spring on a snowy day.Kourtney Was born on April 18, 1979, and will turn 43 in just two months. Kourtney, 40, is in love with her drummer fiance and has a body as young as she is at heart.Courtney started the trend of wearing bikini tops upside down.41, Kim kardashian is fashionable pioneer, but left kanye west, gold all this bikini is described by the sun is too ordinary, no space to imagine, self-discipline of gold was in is famous for its special shape curve, but in this photo, gold looks mediocre figure, the trace of the past self-discipline is not a star.Kylie Jenner’s bikini was described by the Sun as a ‘wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen’, referring to the fact that kylie’s figure tends to tear her outfit.Ranked by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, Kylie was 24 in 1997, and her skin was tight and youthful even without makeup.Emily has a unique way of wearing a bikini, where she wraps extra string around her body.Maura Higgins, star of the hit British TV show Love Island, recreated the 1990s supermodel style as she lounged on a lounge chair in a green bikini.The most unique way to wear it belongs to Kendall Jenner, the fourth member of the Kardashian family. In the white snow, bikini and fluffy high boots, as long as the feet are well kept warm, models will not be cold.Photo source: theSun, BING Editor: Shan Shan