Forward spread!The qingming Festival has been suspended in Yangshan during the epidemic prevention and control period

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Qingming festival approaches, to completes the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, to safeguard the people health and life security, on March 29, yangshan county COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters office of the yangshan outbreak martyrs suspended during the qingming festival activities of the notice “, inform the citizens of the county people martyrs during qingming festival related matters needing attention.The full text is as follows: At present, the epidemic situation in China is both sporadic and local, and many cities around the county have seen outbreaks one after another. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim and complex, and traditional on-site worship activities during the Qingming Festival tend to increase the risk of imported and clustered epidemic diseases.In order to resolutely and effectively block the spread of the epidemic and effectively safeguard the health and safety of the people, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. From the date of the announcement, funeral homes, cemeteries, cremated cremains and other funeral service institutions in the county will suspend on-site mass mourning activities;Martyrs memorial facilities, the implementation of temporary park measures, temporary organization and reception of on-site memorial and memorial activities;Tree burial and flower burial of ashes and other mass gathering activities will be suspended.Deferred payment of cemetery management fees, ashes storage fees and other fees.The specific opening hours and control measures will be notified separately according to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control at provincial, municipal and county levels.In addition to the basic funeral services such as body reception, cremation and ashes storage, all funeral service institutions in the county shall suspend cross-county body reception and wake services, strictly control the scale of farewell ceremonies, simplify procedures, and limit the number of participants to 15.To advocate simple funeral, control the number of participants, basic funeral services for the masses, from 1 to 2 relatives on behalf of the procedures.At the same time, they should actively cooperate with the registration, temperature measurement, health code and travel code check, wear masks during the whole process, and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements of funeral service institutions.Three, the county funeral service agencies will be combined with the actual, free of charge to provide flowers on behalf of the service, concentrated for each tomb (case) to offer flowers.Actively advocate changing customs, civilized worship, the adoption of network worship, family memorial, writing messages and other civilized low-carbon worship way to remember ancestors, express grief.People can enter the “Guangdong Shiyun Worship” mini program, “Qingyuan Funeral Management Association” wechat public account and other platforms to carry out online worship.Party members and officials should play a leading role in promoting civilized, modern, simple and environmentally friendly funeral etiquette, and advocating a new trend of respecting life, green and civilized funeral.4. People from other places and migrant workers are advised not to return to their hometowns for the time being to visit their hometowns to avoid gathering together and prevent cross-infection.Especially at present in the high-risk areas of work and life of the villagers, during the Qingming festival to postpone the return to visit ancestors.V. Local villagers visiting private graves in rural areas should strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention requirements, report to the village (neighborhood) committee in advance, do not carry fire, inflammable and explosive items up the mountain, and actively cooperate with the inspection.No joint ancestor worship shall be organized, and no gathering of more than 15 people shall be carried out.In the face of the epidemic, protecting one’s own health is the greatest responsibility to the family and society, and the best comfort to the deceased.Thank you very much for your understanding, support and cooperation.We hereby inform you.The article is from south + Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: