Who is a spy?The answer was in sight!

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Rumours of divisions in the Manchester United dressing room have been rife in recent days, from president Cristiano Ronaldo breaking his longest scoring drought to rangnick wanting to change the captain……Manchester United star Gary Neville confirmed that some of the team’s players had deliberately leaked inside information.He suggested that the Reds player who exposed the information lacked respect, and suggested there was more than one.Manchester United players Marcus Rashford, Michael Maguire and Fred Fred have taken to social media to dispel rumours that the players are united and close to each other.Manchester United’s interim manager, Michael Rangnick, also said at the pre-match press conference that the mood in the dressing room had improved after the departure of some players in January and there were fewer unhappy players.In a recent interview, Ranick said some players were upset about not playing, though he did not name them.However, from the speculation, it should include the loan out of the team martial and van der Beek, and still in the team lingard, Dean Henderson and others.Martial scored his debut goal for Sevilla the day before, Van der Beek is almost guaranteed a place at Everton, Lingard is desperate for a return to West Ham or Newcastle and Dean Henderson doesn’t even get a game as David de Gea has been fantastic again.Is the so-called: “gather is a ball of fire, scattered is all over the sky stars”!Although some of the reds’ remaining players are still out of action, rangnick insists the team’s morale is better than in the past.Although past scandals have unsettled the team, Lonick said he’s not upset by the rumors.About whether to replace the captain?Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Maguire are set for a showdown with Coach Nick Rangnick over the Manchester United captaincy, with England’s 80 million pound defender refusing to hand over the armband, British media reported.But maguire, one of the main characters in the series, has taken to social media to claim it’s all fake news.Rangnick said he had no plans to change the captaincy and had never spoken to any of the players about it, although he was the one who made the decision. Maguire will remain captain until the end of the season.In fact, any verbal refutation of rumors is not convincing, only in the field of good play to quell rumors.The coming week is crucial for United’s fixtures and results.The Reds face three crucial matches in both the Premier League and champions League.Starting with Sunday’s rose Derby at Leeds united, Manchester United’s arch-rival is one of the most intense in the Premier League, surpassing even the ruhr Derby between Manchester United and Liverpool and schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund.For all the negative publicity in the United dressing room, Rangnick’s coaching skills and tactics have been questioned.For the negative news to be dispelled for now, United must keep winning.For Manchester United, but even more so for Rangnick.