Break core monopoly!Domestic 12 inch large silicon wafer to achieve automatic mass production, international leading standards

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Chip is the core component of the semiconductor industry and the “gear” to ensure the stable and orderly operation of the upstream and downstream semiconductor industry chain.Chips are based on silicon wafers, and different sizes of silicon wafers contain very different technologies and applications.Most of the current semiconductor chip manufacturing process is built around 12 – and 8-inch silicon wafers.And responsible for the production, grinding silicon wafer equipment production line its importance is self-evident.On January 9, 2022, Guojing (Jiaxing) Semiconductor Co., LTD., a domestic semiconductor manufacturer, held a press conference on the mass production of fully automatic 12-inch semiconductor large silicon wafer production line.In the meeting, the company officially announced the latest progress in the semiconductor field, that is, “opening up the automatic production line, the production of 12-inch silicon chip in the domestic leading level”.Although the manufacturing difficulty of silicon wafer polishing equipment than photoengraving machine, etching machine and other chip production line equipment, but the domestic manufacturers in this kind of equipment is highly dependent on foreign manufacturers, silicon is mainly dependent on foreign imports.In the upstream equipment supply side, the global semiconductor silicon chip market is mainly monopolized by Japan, Germany and South Korea.Among them, shin-Etsu, Mitsubishi SUMCO, Global Wafer, Siltronic and SKSiltron have captured more than 90% of the global market share.The high prosperity of semiconductor industry, coupled with the modification of semiconductor chip market regulations in the United States for many times, makes the original imbalance between supply and demand chip market become more unstable.”Rare things are expensive”, in this context, the added value of silicon chip will continue to improve.Guo Jing semiconductor breaks foreign market and technology monopoly, and realizes the automatic mass production of 12-inch silicon wafer production line, which is conducive to accelerate the realization of self-sufficiency of domestic semiconductor chips, and is conducive to the long-term and sustainable development of domestic semiconductor industry.Lu Renjun, head of Sinocrystal Semiconductor, said: At the beginning of its establishment, Sinocrystal semiconductor has confirmed the goal of “being the most advanced semiconductor large silicon chip manufacturer in the world”. Through the formation of the world’s top expert and technical team, sinocrystal semiconductor can help domestic semiconductor core technology projects and create the world’s leading large silicon chip.Listen to the way has successively, the skill profession has specialized.According to Lu Renjun at the conference, Sinocrystalline is mainly responsible for “the core semiconductor material of integrated circuits, such as 12-inch silicon wafers, as well as the polishing and epitaxial wafers that meet the process standards below 28 nanometers”.Combined with the current semiconductor environment, whether from the market supply, or from the market demand, semiconductor silicon chip manufacturers will usher in a huge development prospect.The rapid development of intelligent information industry determines that the demand for semiconductor chips in all walks of life can only be higher and higher, which has higher requirements for semiconductor silicon chips.The market with great potential is very attractive for any semiconductor manufacturer.It is understood that Guojing semiconductor plans to produce 4.8 million 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafers annually.It will be implemented in two phases. The first phase is planned to produce 150,000 pieces per month and the second phase is planned to produce 300,000 pieces per month.Lu renjun said that at present, domestic and foreign fabs continue to operate at full capacity, product prices will continue to rise.If the domestic manufacturers can seize the opportunity, it will bring a fat profit to themselves.The completion of the automatic 12-inch semiconductor wafer production line is also a big step towards the transformation of semiconductor materials business by Sinocic’s major shareholder, Zhe Zhong.It is worth mentioning that domestic wafer makers such as SMIC and Huahong Hongli have also established close cooperation business with Zhe Zhong.In the development of core technologies in China, Zhe Zhong has participated in the construction of many domestic fabs.There is no doubt that the 12 inch wafer production line project of Guojing Semiconductor will drive the development of large wafer related auxiliary materials, equipment and other supporting industries in the Yangtze River Delta region.Look forward to domestic semiconductor manufacturers can have more and better performance in the future, wish domestic semiconductor manufacturers more and more powerful, in the semiconductor field to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency as soon as possible.TSMC and ASML, which have made foreign companies aware of the strength of domestic semiconductors, have made a big splash in the semiconductor industry.What do you want to say about the automatic 12 inch semiconductor wafer production line launched by Guojing Semiconductor to break the foreign market monopoly?Facing the arrogant TSMC and ASML, what do you want to express?Feel free to leave a comment below.I am A senior semiconductor technology enthusiast.Follow me, take you to know more about the latest semiconductor information, learn more useful semiconductor knowledge.