Sports | zitong duan held “music cup” table tennis game

2022-07-07 0 By

In order to enrich people’s amateur cultural life, stimulate sports enthusiasm and improve fitness awareness, zitong County Table Tennis Association in Mianyang City, Sichuan province held the “Tianlai Cup” table tennis monthly competition on March 12.On the court, the players attack each other and defend each other, sometimes vigorously smash, sometimes slant before the net, will receive the serve, block the ball, dip the ball, rub the ball, slice and other skills show incisively and vividly, the scene of one orgasm after another, from time to time attracted the audience bursts of cheers and applause.It is understood that the competition does not set up age groups, the competition system uses a set file let points system, that is, the table tennis Association according to the athletes participating in the past results and playing performance, the players will be divided into six grades, high-grade players in the competition to lower players need to carry out a certain range of points.This system not only makes the competition full of suspense and increases the difficulty for the strong players, but also gives the younger players the opportunity to challenge and overcome the masters.In photography: wang | source: zitong