Dare not believe.Just need total price buyers city fold courtyard?College town is a game to play

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In March, there were more than 10,000 groups of open houses in District 8, and the property market entered the peak of trading.It is worth paying attention to that, this year the main city new dish each shout price 100 thousand +/ flat, 10 million is just the threshold.Property market jun found that the budget of 10 million buyers divided into two camps, some hot plate 10 million reluctantly buy a three room, also someone unique vision played the idea of the yard.Recently panyu is a special fire on the spot, just need a total price of 4 million can buy fold courtyard, single-family yard also only sell the main city level price…Project Site 01 March trading peak in Panyu single-family yard fire out of the peak season of the property market not only gold nine silver ten, this year’s “Golden March” is also brilliant.According to the statistics of the east institute of The World, as of the middle of March this year, guangzhou, including Panyu, Huangpu, Haizhu and other 8 districts, the number of on-site house viewing has exceeded 10,000 groups, of which, Huangpu 20,000 +, panyu nearly 20,000 groups.I believe that the recent viewing friends can also clearly feel that the popularity of the property market has indeed come back.Buyers to force, market turnover, price also both made a response.January-february this year, Guangzhou transaction warmer, Panyu the first stop selling 2717 sets, up 14% year-on-year, become the city’s most beautiful son.Prices in Guangzhou in February also had a major breakthrough.In February 70 cities, Guangzhou new and second-hand housing increased 0.6%, and the second-hand housing is the first time after the guidance price fell for 5 months, keep the clouds open to see the month clear.According to clarice statistics, the average price of new houses in Guangzhou in February also broke through “4” for the first time, warming signal is obvious.Favorable market conditions are just one thing. Global inflationary pressures are also forcing people to buy homes.Since 2022, there has been a boom in the prices of commodities, from big economic issues to small ones, such as Starbucks, oil prices and even take-out food.Every global inflation is a wealth shuffle, and there are no outsiders.Real estate has proved to be one of the few inflation-proof assets of the past decade, making buying a home the best bet for most people to protect their money.But it needs to be noted that the house can not be bought now, especially in these two years of frequent thunder housing enterprises, have not yet paid the floor on the end of the situation is not a few, in contrast, pay fast, visible “quasi house” will be safer.Price is also a big difficulty, this year’s new plate, especially Tianhe, Haizhu project opening is 10+/ flat, 10 million are not necessarily able to touch a set of three houses, in such a large market, some buyers began to switch targets.Property market jun received the news, many people poured into panyu university city next to a pure yard project, it is – Jin Qiao Lingnan hospital.It is said that just need three rooms total price of 4 million can be taken off the courtyard, single-family yard only sell the main city level price, go, go to have a look.The fire of Jinqiaoling South Courtyard was not a “gimmick”.Although the scene is not as popular as the general just need to dish so much, but the property market jun observed that there is no “actor”, are real customers, many are a family to see the house.Property market gentleman sat in the scene for a whole morning, it has been investigated to clinch a deal 2 sets, the conversion rate is relatively high, chat learned that there are many university city teachers and professors.”Teachers and professors from university towns account for a large proportion of our clients,” said the sales manager. “The owners who have done deals before will recommend colleagues, relatives and friends to buy.”This year, Guangzhou new plate blowout, alone in March into the city of no less than 50, why can let so many buyers do not hesitate to sell gold qiaoling South Hospital?Property market jun believes that this is related to the project’s ingenious location advantages, non-replicable scarcity and high cost performance of three factors.Located in panyu, the main city of Guangzhou, Jinqiaoling South Courtyard is located at the important node of the third central axis of Guangzhou. It can be said that “God is chasing after the children who are fed”.From the start of the project, we can get to the international Innovation City, university City, Pazhou and Pearl River New Town in less than one hour.In addition, the planned Lotus Station TOD is less than 3 kilometers away from the project, and fo-Dongguan intercity, Sui-Guan Shen-Pazhou branch line and so on all pass through the surrounding area. It is not a problem to reach shenzhen, Dongguan and other core cities in the Bay Area within one hour.It is worth mentioning that the lifeline road of Guangzhou – The South trunk Line is also next to jinqiao Ling South Courtyard, this line is the fast channel to Wanbo CBD, Guangzhou South station.It is a new axis economic belt rising after the Economic belt of Tianhe Road and Huangpu Avenue. Famous enterprises such as World Top 500 Xiyin, Happy Hour, Ctrip South China Headquarters and Disp have entered the southern Trunk Line.The culmination of the southern trunk line is lotus Bay, a strategic place for cultural business travel proposed by Guangzhou in the beginning of the 14th Five-year Plan.Lotus Bay, as the official designated carrying area to undertake the forwarding of scientific research achievements of the university town, not only has an ideological foundation, but also will meet the huge demand for residential spillover.This is also one of the important reasons why so many teachers and professors in university towns have come to buy Jinqiao Lingnan Hospital./ The plot ratio is only 0.6, a rare low-density yard in the main city/In addition to the external location advantage, the scarcity of the South Yard of Jinqiaoling also stimulates the desire of buyers to collect.The plot ratio of Jinqiao Lingnan Hospital is only 0.6, which means the per capita space and resources have outperformed most people.Now, if a lot of people don’t understand what this is, let’s look at some data.According to incomplete statistics, there are about 6 pure courtyard projects in Guangzhou whose plot ratio is less than or equal to 1.0, while the plot ratio of Jinqiaoling South Courtyard is 0.6, which is one of the best among yard products in the whole city.Low density is only one thing, the scarcity of Jinqiaoling South Hospital is doomed to such products may never be bought in the future.According to statistics, of the 78 plots of land sold in Guangzhou in 2021, only 4 will have a plot ratio of less than 2. Of the 81 plots of residential land announced this year, only 5 will have a plot ratio of less than 2, and a large number will have a plot ratio of 4 or above.This also means that in the next 1-2 years, more than 80% of the new house market in Guangzhou will be high-rise or super-high-rise houses. Projects with low plot ratio are very rare, and even fewer stacked or single-family yards are pitiful.Plus in last few years “prohibit villa order” upgrade ceaselessly, want to have a courtyard that belongs to oneself in the future, difficulty coefficient will show geometric type growth.Of course, among the three factors, the price advantage is the biggest booster.It is understood that the total price of jinqiao Ridge south hospital is only about 4 million yuan, you know, 4 million is almost no good choice in the main city, but also can buy the main city fold courtyard?Property market jun confirmed that the scene is true, but it needs to be noted that the amount of goods is not much, interested friends have to act quickly.In addition, the single-family yard is also very popular. The total price is as low as 10 million yuan or so, which is equivalent to the price of three hot plates in the main urban area.How attractive is such a price?According to the statistics of the Middle finger Hospital, in 2017, the total price of villas in the main urban area of Guangzhou has broken through 11.4 million, and this year went to 13.27 million, so 10 million want to buy villas in the main urban area, the opportunity is not much.Not to mention the villa, 10 million total price budget, this year in the main city of Guangzhou to buy a better three houses are difficult.In previous years, the shortage of goods in the main city such as Tianhe, Haizhu, Yuexiu, etc. ushered in the supply climax, choice surface is indeed much, but the price of 100 thousand + everywhere also blocked most people, 10 million can only reluctantly buy three rooms, floor direction has not been picked.In comparison, the price of three houses in the main city can buy a single-family yard near the university town, which is really delicious.In addition to high cost performance, the future yard is also better than inflation, or even better than ordinary residential “hard goods”.From the data of the past five years, the increase of villas in the central district of Guangzhou is as high as 90%, about 1.7 times that of housing, which is also leading in Beijing and Shanghai.Of course, cost performance, scarcity and so on are important, but buyers are most concerned about the house itself.Will tell commonly, the developer that the tonality of the house itself, character feels with its backside is closely bound up, can pry one or two from this Angle.Jinqiao Group, the operator of Jinqiao Lingnan Hospital, has been one of the top 100 real estate enterprises in China for seven consecutive years and has been awarded honorary titles such as “Top 100 Star of China real Estate”. Its strength is obvious to all.Different from other housing enterprises that pursue high turnover and priority of scale, this housing enterprise giant with 31 years of fine construction history does not seek to leap forward, but strives for “four stability” : stable finance, stable brand, stable layout and stable product.Although In the short term, Jinqiao Group is not very familiar to Guangzhou people and its layout is not as big as “head players”, its healthy advantages will become more prominent when the quick turnover dividends retreat.With its strong strength and steadily growing scale, Jinqiao Group’s strong conservatism and sense of security in the reshuffle stage of the real estate industry also make buyers “feel assured”.As the first work of Jinqiao Group in the Greater Bay Area, Jinqiao Lingnan Courtyard is naturally highly valued.I believe that people who have seen this project, like the property market, feel that Jinqiao Lingnan Courtyard is more like a piece of art that inherits the charm of Lingnan culture, because it also has the advantages of “the right time, the right place and the right people”.Hualong, where Jinqiao Lingnan Hospital is located, is known as “the hometown of Chinese folk art” and approved as the only cultural and art village in Guangzhou. With profound history and culture, famous scholars such as Qu Dajun and Chen Shuren have left their footsteps.In order to live up to this land, Jinqiao Group built the garden and spent a lot of money to build corresponding supporting facilities.The project selected 28 poems and artistic conception of masters such as Su Shi and Bai Juyi to create multiple internal and external gardens and eight streets of “piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and camellia”, shopping for a month is not the same.For example, the lakeside detached platform is taken from Su Shi’s “try to detached platform, half a city flower spring water”.Station detached stage, flowers in the eyes, side weeping willows, breeze xu, wave billows, can come to a spiritual resonance with the ancients.When you watch it, you find that the whole project is full of sculpture artworks and original works of masters, among which Chen Shuren and Chen Fu’s hometown garden also maintain the “200-year-old kapok”.So here, talk about money is vulgar, culture is the real priceless treasure.Jinqiao is not only creating cultural supporting facilities, but also creating a valuable and tasteful circle with “scholars in contact”.At present, marketing techniques are various, but there are few projects that can truly create a circle like Jinqiao Lingnan Hospital.Here, all kinds of masters meet friends, not once or twice, but every day.For example, in October 2021, Jinqiao Lingnan Academy once held a cultural feast, together with Master Lu Deping, national senior artist and president of Guangzhou Landscape Painting Research Society, and Master Wang Wenfeng, executive director of Xu Beihong Aesthetic Education Southern Calligraphy and Painting Academy, which opened the eyes of buyers.A stroke a stroke are sending out classical lasting appeal.Master painting scene/single-family courtyard, historic mansion in the main city/as for the products, also enough amazing.The main building area of the project is about 120-410 square meters, with an independent courtyard design, with front and back private gardens, which can be said to have a yard.Only this kind of single-family single-courtyard design is the complete possession of the land.In addition to the private effect of the project’s single-family courtyard, you can also enjoy the “three hospitals, three halls and three terrace suites”, which is really very ambitious.The design of three courtyards is an upgraded version of ordinary courtyards, which not only improves the quality of life, but also extends the living scale three times.Imagine the man receiving visitors in the front yard, the kids playing with their pets in the side yard, and the woman sipping tea in the backyard…Isn’t this the ideal life?The south courtyard of Jinqiaoling is not only spacious, but also reflects the atmosphere of the courtyard.Super luxury and luxurious double living room design, male business conversation, female accompany children, old people watching movies, play can be done without interrupting.The living room of the project has a whole floor of luxury master bedroom suite, which is also very shocking.Master suite not only has a double terrace, open to 7.7 meters, the height of nearly 5.7 meters, quite 2 floors upstairs through, is so bold.Advocate lie besides exclusive cloakroom, still have T stage of illicit home fashionable dress, have broad scene double terrace again, walk in the home show, see scenery is one must.It is worth mentioning that the current project has been a quasi – real house, for buyers more secure, safe and secure.What’s more, owning a courtyard here is not only a carrier of high-end and elegant life, but also an important asset for inheriting wealth and culture, whose significance cannot be measured by money.This kind of unique affection attribute, foreign house or common big flat layer cannot be replaced, and the courtyard can have lasting appeal more after experiencing wind and rain baptism, like the old foreign house of Beijing siheyuan, Shanghai, can be more valuable.If you are also enchanted, might as well go to the scene to feel, the main city just need 4 million can open fairy life.