Linhai City Youxi town scenery youxi unique charm to create a beautiful town construction

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Beautiful landscape,Scenic city.when this town is located in the southwest south huangyan taizhou linhai city long tam reservoir west RongKuo zhon mountain national forest park have the laudatory title of “garden city” is a global travel within the territory of the “pioneer” linhai city mountains fold ridge, long valley, QingXi you show is very rich in tourism resources here have prosperous fa hai temple, the temple and other historic sites are hidden in the beautiful countryside of the ancient village of poetic qualityPingkeng Village was built in the Ming Dynasty, with hundreds of years of history, bamboo and sea, accompanied by the countryside, every ancient bridge, every old house in the village,And culture in the auditorium of each piece of all the infinite tenderness flowing years old thing ah ping village is a small village distance ash pit village not far from the red crag foot reservoir about two kilometers to the west in the village of stone bridge is built in kangxi years built houses along the river jolin is mostly use the old ink WaHui wooden wall casually take atmosphere feeling, let a person amazed full ping pit, ash pits are ancient villages and riverSouth valley town of tour industry bear the chiangnan grand canyon but city.when this 35 km xiushui, gathering the daming mountain canyon military drift all the way the scenery alone good pasture land and seventy percent tam waterfalls lover valley natural human landscape, such as city.when this charming mountain town, paddy field, garden, mountain village collection of local culture in the small town brings water show mao-tsun Lin beauty, the landscape of joy