At least “swine” 003

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At the same time, at the same time, at the same time.[Qing][Gu Yanwu], “The World County, National Li Disease Book · Yungui Cross Toes” : “Name of [cubanman], the longest chord, its early variety is many.Those with the sign lu Lu man are mistaken for swine.”误 : At the same time, at the same time, at the same time.The pigs.○[Lu Xun] False Book of Freedom: Discount in LiteratureBut never believe that his ears are such a swine.”[Zou Tao-fen] Experience iv: “He went on to give his lion’s roar: [Chinese] workers were mistreated at [Japanese] mills, like pigs…No one can but sympathize with our compatriots who have been treated so shamefully by the invaders!”2 pieces Li word.Midnight 11: swine!’The woman whispered.○ Ye Zi: Yang Qi s New Year s DayNorth swine again!”Ding Ling: “Running” : “Swine!’The driver put his head out and swore at them.”◆ Supplementary entry ■ cursing.”Swine, swine, Shanghai Dialect” by Xu Ke.Under the pretense of being useless and obstinate.”Peel at least one pig.In the old days, bandits robbed pedestrians and stripped the victims of their clothes, which was called “stripping swine”.○[Lu Xun] New Stories: “Old gentleman, please don’t be afraid.Shanghai will peel pigs. We’re too civilized to do that.””One night, he came back from the theater. He was frozen to death without his fur robe and silk padded jacket.It’s called ‘stripping swine.'”