Teachers come across sheep students, pity its situation force-stuffing 400 yuan, but the comments run off, this was also sprayed?

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Now although it is the winter vacation, but teachers are not as many people imagine, in the holiday completely away from work.Every winter vacation, our teachers will carry out home visits to poor students and carry out warm activities to understand the specific situation of students’ families and give more care to those students who need help.Such home visits are common in villages and towns, because there are still some poor families in rural areas, and if the school work is not in place, some children may find it difficult to go to school for family reasons.Recently, a video of a teacher visiting a student and forcing him to sacrifice 400 yuan for grazing sheep in the woods has spread online, attracting the attention and hot discussion of netizens.This is a heartwarming story. It happened in Jinan, Shandong Province. Ding and his colleagues visited the families of poor students during the winter vacation.The student family conditions are not so good, my mother was in the hospital due to illness, his father in the hospital care for her mother, and student’s grandma is ill, so the family economic condition is not very good, life is tight teacher came to students home, did not see the student, teacher and parents understand some situation, solatium is ready to go back to school.On the way back, Mr. Ding came across the students herding sheep alone in the woods, and saw that the students were wearing relatively thin clothes, which was difficult to resist the cold wind in winter.See this scene, teacher ding hurriedly took out 400 yuan from his pocket, let the children to buy a thicker clothes.Teacher ding’s love let the students a little unprepared, moved to tears, he politely refused teacher Ding’s kindness, while repeatedly stressed that his family has not “difficult to that step”.Teacher Ding also see the child is embarrassed to accept, so the money into the hands of the students, and said: “you don’t accept me bear you”, the students took the teacher’s love.Teacher Ding’s love, just like the warm sun in winter, warms the hearts of students from poor families.This is what a warm scene, is what a positive energy of a thing, in the comments section, many netizens have also praised Ding’s love, think Ding is a good teacher.However, even as such a good thing, there were some discordant voices in the comments section, including some sarcastic comments.Some “big smart” thought they saw through everything, with the heart of a villain degree gentleman’s stomach, left a sour word in the comment area: “again in the show to the net friends, I have seen through this routine.””This is for others to see. What’s your business?”, implying that the reviewer is not a human being.Another user pointed out: “There are always some mice in the dark who can’t see the sun.” Another user said in the comment section that the teacher was a “joke” and could not have been such a good teacher.This, of course, is to see the wood for the trees, do not see Mount Tai, in real life, although there are individual teachers have a loss of teachers, but most teachers are good, abide by the standards of teachers’ ethics, a large part of the teachers are silent dedication, love life such as children.As the saying goes, “If you have Buddha in your heart, you will find Buddha everywhere, and if you have dung in your heart, you will see dung everywhere.” In some people’s eyes, you cannot see the sun, and think that beautiful things are staged for others to see, and those who do good deeds are all for their own purposes.Like Ding teacher such silent dedication, love such as son of the teacher is a lot of, they usually silent dedication, try to help some students in need of help, in their opinion, this is just a common small teaching career.Ding teacher to students stuffing money was taken by the peer teacher and uploaded to the Internet, not some dark people think, is staged, is a show.As long as all of us can have a good mind, see more sunshine, be grateful, then we can make steady progress.