Ghost annihilation blade: Tanzhi Lang several times into despair, but still did not give up the hope of life!

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Column to step down, and allow your carbon (and other people well is not easy to make the advantage of the situation, instantaneous collapse, along with prostitutes, aso to aid experienced a terrible pain, a wide range of attack, makes carbon (and other people don’t even have time to escape, if it is not good from you at the right time to push yourself out and estimated that he die, will be tamed by rubble,Just wait for the fire to spread and then die.Rally has been charcoal governance Lang in the encounter think is bad, will push the responsibility to their own, the family of poverty, can not afford to wear beautiful clothes, even the death of his father, he comes down to his own powerless, and the beans are sent to the law of the soul torture, asked him why he has been apologizing.Is the so-called life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten, as human beings, they can not be everything, and happiness is not up to him charcoal zhi Lang a person to say, rather than blindly apologize, mi beans hope he can tata open.Don’t give up hope of life even if you are alone.Mi beans call, will charcoal to lang wake up, after thanking his sister, before he regrouped, prostitute husband Taro suddenly appeared in front of him.The most painful thing in life is that when you think you can regroup, you face the abyss again. You know it is hopeless, but you are still in the dark, looking for a way out.Again into despair in the face of the sudden appearance of the prostitute husband Taro, charcoal to lang is scared even breathing have forgotten.Under the introduction of the brothels taro, they ghost team, is the whole army was destroyed, the help was tao Heart, good Yijun was pressed under the rubble, and sound column is the first step poison hair, charcoal lang can survive, in his opinion, is completely good luck.If the prostitute taro launched an attack at this time, charcoal rule lang no possibility of survival, so after seeing the consumptive prostitute taro, he first want to think, is why the prostitute taro also did not kill him.Realize this, charcoal to lang began to breathe, the original taro is that the charcoal to lang and their own many similar places, so the interest.They are all elder brothers, but also to protect her sister, but tanzhi Lang is still human, so it is impossible to protect the sister who has become a ghost.At this time of the charcoal lang, there is no strength to fight back, and do meaningless struggle, waste energy, as well as the truth of the answer to the prostitute taro.In the charcoal to lang admitted that the beans is his sister, taro is also a “heart smile”, he taunted charcoal to Lang strength is too weak, and will be his two fingers, kneading into the shape of pepper.He constantly mocked charcoal zhi Lang, beat his head, constantly grinding charcoal zhi Lang’s heart, can be said to be killing heart.In the face of kisuo Taro’s almost hysterical blow, Tanjiroo did not respond, after regaining some strength, he immediately held the wooden box of beans to escape.This scene is also the eight-ji two brother and sister to see the joy.In their view, charcoal lang is incompetent to escape, so he is not hurry to launch the chase, but he does not know that there is a bean guide charcoal lang, has no longer give up.He regarded as the end the place where the chick had been thrown out of misery.All of these are soaked in wisteria, so as long as he is able to surprise the kisuo taro, then he can create a counter-kill opportunity.And in the meantime, he needed to pave his way, as much as he could, with what was around him.Do you admire tanzhi Lang’s spirit of not giving up?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section