Public security Bureau of Jiuquan open recruitment of traffic management police auxiliary personnel

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In order to strengthen and improve the jiuquan city highway traffic safety management, actively deal with the current growing complex road traffic safety situation, and improve the city’s public security traffic management level, the safeguard security of the city’s social stability, jiuquan city public security bureau for the public auxiliary police staff recruitment 20 traffic management class, now the announcement on relevant matters are as follows:Jiuquan Public Security Bureau intends to recruit 20 traffic management police auxiliary personnel, male.The recruitment of auxiliary police personnel mainly assist the highway traffic police in highway traffic order management, accident handling, safety publicity, road patrol and other auxiliary, transactional work, does not have the identity of civil servants and people’s police, not included in the administrative establishment management, do not exercise the people’s police.(1) Applicants should meet the following requirements: (1) Possess the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Uphold the Constitution and abide by national laws and regulations;3. Support the Communist Party of China and the socialist system;4. Support the leadership of the CPC and take a firm political stand;5. Love and volunteer to work in public security traffic management, and have no previous illegal or criminal experience;6. Junior college degree or above in national education (the degree of retired soldiers and demobilized non-commissioned officers will be extended to technical secondary school, senior high school or above);7. Be at least 18 years old (born before March 28, 2004) and under 33 years old (born after March 28, 1989);The age limit for retired soldiers and non-commissioned officers (born after 28 March 1987) has been relaxed to below 35;8. Good conduct, physical and mental health, no disability, no stuttering, no tattoo, height above 1.70 meters, unilateral corrected vision not less than 4.8;9. Meet the political review conditions.Political review shall be carried out with reference to the measures of the people’s police of the public security organ for political review of employment;10. Registered residents or permanent residents in Jiuquan city are welcome to apply.(2) Personnel who meet the following conditions will be preferentially recruited, and 5 points will be added to the written test score.1. Spouses and children of public security martyrs and people’s police officers who died in the line of duty;2. Good Samaritans;3. Retired soldiers;4. Graduates from political science and law, public security colleges and universities;(3) Applicants under any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination: (1) those who have been subjected to criminal punishment or are suspected of illegal or criminal offenses that have not yet been investigated;2. Those who have been punished by public security, received shelter and education or forcibly isolated for drug rehabilitation;3. Auxiliary police personnel who have been dismissed from public office, dismissed or dismissed by a state organ or public institution or who have been dismissed or dismissed by a public security organ shall not be employed again;4. Having a relatively serious bad personal credit record;5. One of his family members or close relatives has been sentenced to criminal punishment;6. Participating in illegal organizations, cult organizations or other activities endangering State security by himself or his family members or close relatives;7. Auxiliary police personnel who are on the job in the county-level public security organs of the city and have signed formal labor contracts with the current employers.Three, work units and Positions of jiuquan City Public Security Bureau traffic Police Detachment under the 10 highway brigade:Quanhu highway brigade, Qingquan highway brigade, north Sichuan highway brigade, Yuanquan highway brigade, Liuyuan highway brigade, Ma Maneshan highway brigade, Shazhou highway brigade, West Lake highway brigade, Yangguan highway brigade, Hongliuwan highway brigade.Iv. Examination and employment procedures shall be carried out by Jiuquan Public Security Bureau in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, competition and selection.1. Qualification Examination.Considering the particularity of the position, preliminary qualification examination will be conducted on the candidates before registration.The content of qualification examination is: the authenticity of the information provided by the examinee and other necessary conditions;Preliminary tests were carried out on the facial features, body shape, height, vision, hearing and language expression ability of the candidates.Among them, there is a qualification preliminary examination content does not meet the standard will cancel the examinee register qualification on the spot.2. Registration time: Apr. 06, 2022 to Apr. 18, 2022 (working day), 8:30 am — 12:00 am, 14:30 — 18:00 PM.3. Registration method: registration shall be carried out on-site, and telephone, Internet, entrusted and other methods shall not be accepted.The registration materials submitted must be true and accurate, and the relevant certificates must not be replaced by certification materials. If the registration materials are not complete, the registration will not be allowed.4. Registration location: There are 4 registration sites, please go to the nearest registration.Suzhou District registration point: Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Quanhu Highway Brigade on the first floor duty room (Jiuquan City suzhou District Xuanzhong Road 9) contact: Xiang Jiayi 13893781998 0937-5926821Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment North Sichuan Highway Brigade duty room (Qingquan East Road, New District, Yumen City) contact: Wei Yingying 18209378393 0937-5926444 Guzhou County Registration point: Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Yuanquan Highway Brigade duty room (No. 51 Yuanquan Street, Yuanquan Town, Guzhou County, Jiuquan City)Chen Gang 18893770223 0937-5926644 Dunhuang City registration point: Jiuquan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Shazhou Highway Brigade duty room (Dunhuang City Mingshan North Road 1242) contact: Ma Kun 18298597127 0937-88938925.Applicants should fill in and submit the following materials :(1) application form for examination of recruitment of auxiliary police officers for traffic police detachment of jiuquan public security bureau and letter of commitment.(2) Original and photocopy of his/her valid Resident Identity Card (or temporary id card within the validity period).(3) The original and copy of jiuquan City household registration;Applicants who have permanent residence and live in Jiuquan for a long time shall provide residence permit issued by public security organs.(4) Original and copy of graduation certificate, degree certificate, discharge certificate and other relevant certificates.(Full-time bachelor degree or above is required to provide degree certificate;Graduates of 2022 who have not yet issued their graduation certificate and degree certificate should provide the graduate employment recommendation form signed by the graduate work department of the university).(5) Electronic Registration Record Form of Education Certificate of Ministry of Education verified online by China Higher Education Student Information Network (with 2D verification code, online verification code within the valid verification period), those who cannot be verified by China Higher Education Student Information Network will be disqualified (including military academies).(6) 5 recent color photos of myself with a 2-inch bareheaded front and the same background.(2) Written examination (70% of the total score) The written examination shall be organized for all qualified personnel. Candidates who take the written examination must bring the admission ticket of written examination and the original valid resident id card (if the ID card is lost, the temporary ID card within the validity period shall be provided). Those who do not have both certificates shall not take the examination.Written examination content is: “The People’s Republic of China road traffic safety Law” “the People’s Republic of China police Law” “public security organs people’s police internal affairs regulations” and other public security organs people’s police regulations, police discipline police regulations, official document writing, current affairs and politics.Closed – book method is adopted and all answers are in Chinese.The written test will take 120 minutes with a full score of 100.In principle, the opening ratio of written examination shall not be less than 1:2. If the opening ratio cannot be reached, the number of recruitment plan shall be adjusted appropriately and the written examination shall be carried out according to the actual number of applicants.Time and place to collect the written test admission ticket: Please follow the wechat official account of “Jiuquan Public Security Bureau” or “Jiuquan Traffic Police” to obtain the relevant information of the test in time.Information related to this recruitment is subject to the wechat public account.(3) Interview (30% of the total score) The candidates for interview will be ranked according to their written test scores from high to low.Candidates who participate in the interview must bring the written test admission ticket, interview notice and the original valid resident id card (if the ID card is lost, the temporary ID card within the validity period should be provided). Candidates who lack all three certificates are not allowed to attend the interview.The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly testing the basic quality and ability required by the job responsibilities, with a full score of 100 points.Interview time and place: to be notified.Calculation method of comprehensive score: Comprehensive score = written test score ×70%+ interview score ×30%Physical test to participate in the interview all into the physical test link, physical test items and content with reference to the people’s police physical test standards of the public security organs, physical test items in any one not up to standard as unqualified.Those who fail the physical fitness test or those who give up the physical fitness test will be compensated according to the comprehensive score from the highest to the lowest.Fitness test time and venue: to be notified.(6) Physical examination According to the physical fitness test results (passed) and comprehensive scores (written test score accounts for 70%+ interview score 30%), from high to low score, the list of participants for physical examination will be determined in a 1:1 ratio.Physical examination standard refers to “civil servant recruitment physical examination general standard” (trial) in the hospital unified organization of physical examination.Those who fail the physical examination or those who give up the physical examination can be replaced in the order of those who pass the physical examination and those with comprehensive scores from high to low, and the physical examination costs shall be borne by themselves.Time of physical examination: further notice.(7) Political examination Candidates who have passed the physical examination are determined to be candidates for political examination, and the municipal Public Security Bureau will conduct political examination jointly with the local police station of the examinee’s domicile.Political trial refers to the method of political trial employed by the people’s police of public security organs, political trial unqualified do not hire, according to comprehensive results from high marks to the order of low points in turn fill.(8) The candidates who have passed the public employment inspection shall be confirmed as the candidates to be employed, and shall be publicized on the wechat public account of “Jiuquan Public Security Bureau” or “Jiuquan Public Security Traffic Police” where the recruitment announcement is issued (the publicity period is 5 working days). After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no relevant situation affecting the employment, the labor contract will be signed according to the provisions.The probationary period is 3 months and the monthly salary system is implemented. The monthly salary during the probationary period is 2800 yuan (excluding five insurances and housing fund).Sign labor contracts with employers in accordance with the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant provisions, and implement dynamic contract-based management.The probation period shall be evaluated 10 days before the probation period expires, and the labor contract shall be terminated if the evaluation fails.After the probation period, the monthly salary consists of basic salary, seniority salary, post salary, performance salary and on-duty subsidy. The company is responsible for paying the “five insurances and housing fund”, and the total monthly salary is more than 4500 yuan (including the five insurances and housing fund paid by the company and individuals).According to the relevant spirit of “Regulations on the Management of Auxiliary Police Personnel of Gansu Provincial Public Security Organs”, auxiliary police personnel implement hierarchical management. After the probation period, the newly hired auxiliary police officers will carry out the internship period for half a year. During the internship period, it is called auxiliary police trainee.After the internship, the monthly salary consists of basic salary, seniority salary, grade salary, post salary, performance salary and on-duty subsidy. The company is responsible for paying the “five insurances and housing fund”, and the total monthly salary is more than 4,900 yuan (including the five insurances and housing fund paid by the company and individuals).One level salary according to the evaluation of the issuance of a level standard, merit pay linked to the assessment results at ordinary times, specific according to the public security organs of jiuquan city police support personnel salary management measures (trial) “jiuquan city public security police support personnel assessment method (try out)”, and according to regional conditions and staff positions for different classification standards,Release after accounting.During the period of working, the basic guarantee such as paid leave, physical examination, education and training, accommodation and so on shall be provided.This open recruitment of auxiliary police officers will not specify examination books, nor will they hold or entrust any institutions to hold training courses.Please download, print and fill out the Application Form and the Integrity Commitment Letter before registration: 1. The Application Form for the Recruitment of Auxiliary Police Officers examination by Jiuquan Public Security Bureau 2