China stood firm behind Argentina and The UK was devastated and publicly demanded to be respected

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On February 7, reported that the Malvinas islands are disputed territory between Argentina and The United Kingdom, which is essentially a legacy of colonial history.In the China-Arab Joint Statement, China reiterated its position and supported Albania’s demand for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas issue.Seeing China’s statement, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss was worried.”We totally reject any question about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands,” Said Secretary Of State Donald Trump on Twitter on Thursday.Mr Truss also made tough demands on China, saying “China must respect the sovereignty of the islands”.There is no doubt that Britain is worried about the Malvinas issue again. China, as a world power, economic power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and the Argentine government publicly issued a joint statement in Beijing in support of Argentina, which is a great blow to Britain itself.In particular, China made it clear that it opposed colonialism, urged the UK and Argentina to resume negotiations on the return of The Malvinas as soon as possible, and supported Argentina’s exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas by its government. It clearly showed that Beijing’s position was consistent and firm, which was undoubtedly a great encouragement to Argentina.In fact, with regard to the Malvinas Islands issue, Chinese Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Geng Shuang stressed in his statement at the UN General Assembly’s Decolonization Committee that the Malvinas Islands issue is essentially a legacy of colonialism.In the 21st century, the days when western colonialists could do whatever they wanted are gone forever.China’s position on the Malvinas issue is consistent and China firmly supports Argentina’s legitimate claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas.It is not hard to see that the relationship between Argentina and China is getting closer and the two sides share the same views and views on many issues.In particular, the President of Argentina, an old friend of China, flew directly to Beijing to attend the Winter Olympic Games and supported China on the Taiwan issue in the China-Argentina statement, all the more demonstrating the sincerity and enthusiasm of bilateral cooperation.Today, Argentina is not only one of China’s largest trading partners in South America, but also an important importer of raw materials and meat for China. China-argentina trade volume has shown a trend of rapid growth, truly achieving win-win cooperation between countries.Most importantly, with the acceleration of China’s military modernization, the Argentine government is also very interested in many Chinese weapons and equipment, and has carried out active, effective and pragmatic negotiations with China on many weapons and equipment. The two sides have also shown great space for military cooperation.In 2021, China signed a contract with Argentina to sell 12 JF-17 fighter jets (worth $600 million), including a series of supporting medium and long range air-to-air missiles. This is the third overseas country after JF-17 was exported to Pakistan and Nigeria.The move by China and Argentina has aroused great concern in the West. In particular, the British government directly appealed to China to stop selling arms and equipment to Argentina, which was ignored by China.Some media said bluntly that As Britain’s provocations against China continue to escalate, So will China’s countermeasures. Providing Advanced fighter jets to Argentina may be just the beginning. In the future, more and more advanced Chinese fighter jets, missiles and warships may become a sharp weapon for Argentina’s military to counter Britain.I have to say that the UK, as an empire whose sun never sets, has not reflected on itself, has been fooling around with the US all day, and has repeatedly targeted China.Relations between the UK and China are said to be frosty, with the Chinese government refusing to hold talks with British officials and imposing sanctions on the UK in a number of areas.On the one hand, China has suspended many British cooperation projects and imposed sanctions on some British politicians and companies, warning them not to harm China’s interests.On the other hand, China is actively cooperating with Britain’s rivals, not only with Russia, Argentina and other countries, but also with the European Union, which has become China’s largest trading partner. In contrast, the cooperation between The former EU member states and China is increasingly cold.As the saying goes, give enough mischief and you’ll end up dead.As a former colonial country, The UK does not reflect on its mistakes. Instead, it has been talking about hegemony and power, trying to speak up for capital plunder, hegemonic oppression and colonialism, and trying to do whatever it wants in its former colonies. This is undoubtedly wishful thinking and even digging its own grave.China’s position on the Hong Kong issue shows that China’s opposition to British colonialism is consistent and firm. Whether Britain is impatient or not is not a matter for China at all, because China will not be swayed by Britain and its big brother, the United States, like some other countries.Judging from Argentina’s attitude towards the Malvinas issue, it is not difficult to see that Argentina will never give up its claim to the sovereignty of malvinas, and fierce conflicts between Britain and Argentina are bound to occur again. As for when, judging from Argentina’s state of sharpness of arms in recent years, it is not too long, and China will certainly support Argentina at that time.