How romantic and exciting will the closing ceremony be?Zhang Yimou ‘Reveals plot’

2022-07-01 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics will come to a close on Sunday with the final five gold MEDALS.The Chinese delegation, which has already created the best record in history, did not win the gold medal on the day, and the world’s most attention may be what kind of surprise and wonderful closing ceremony will bring.Chinese athletes will participate in the three events of the day. In the four-man bobsled race, Li Junjian and Sun Kaizhi, who temporarily ranked 16th and 17th in the first two rounds, will strive for a better place in the next two rounds.Kong Fanying, Ni Yueming, Xu Mingfu and Zhang Yangming will write a new history of China’s mosnow events in the alpine skiing mixed team.In the women’s 30km mass start (free technique), Ji Chunxue, Dinegar Iramujiang, Bayani Garin and Li Xin will try to make a breakthrough.Women’s curling and men’s ice hockey will have their final showdown on the day.Japan, who have reached the women’s curling final at the Winter Olympics for the first time, will take on multi-time world champions Great Britain.Finland, which has reached the men’s ice hockey final for the first time in 16 years, will face the defending champion Russian Olympic Committee.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics received rave reviews, and the closing ceremony of the evening was certainly highly anticipated.According to Chang Yu, head of the opening and closing ceremonies department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the ceremony will remain “simple” and will incorporate performances into the ceremony through clever design.Zhang Yimou, the general director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, “revealed the plot” and will make the closing ceremony “ethereal and romantic” through the power of science and technology;In addition, there will be a “time travel” design to the 2008 Olympics, in tribute to the “Double Olympic City”, when the final flame of the Winter Olympics is extinguished.(Xinhua)