Construction of another world Congress main stadium contracted by China Construction Science and Engineering Group opened in Deyang

2022-07-01 0 By

You know what?Another world conference — 2022 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference landed in Sichuan!Recently, as the main hall of the conference — Deyang Forestry Science and Technology Museum project officially started construction by China Construction Technology and Industry Group Co., LTD.The project covers an area of 33,317.44 square meters, with a total construction area of about 76,000 square meters, including about 60,000 square meters above ground.The main part of the project is steel structure, the steel structure part is participated in the construction of China Construction Steel Structure (West), a subsidiary of China Construction Science and Engineering Co., LTD. The height of the building structure is 36 meters, and the planning height is 44 meters. The main functions include exhibition, conference, banquet and so on.As a landmark building of the city, the project fully integrates the concept of green, low-carbon and sharing in the design, and highly integrates the functional space of the building with the activities of the citizens to create a friendly and interesting happy space of the city.The project follows the design concept of “rippling water, clean stone smart”, and the architectural form is pure and smart. The overall form is like the shape of “H” and “O”, echoing the image of clean energy such as water and hydrogen.In terms of architectural design, it fully integrates the concepts of green, low-carbon and sharing, integrating green two-star design, near-zero-carbon operation, fully assembled steel structure and smart living room functions. After completion, it will become the “urban living room” and a new landmark of Deyang city.The World Clean Energy Equipment Conference is the most influential event in the global clean energy equipment industry. Adhering to the orientation of “internationalization, marketization and specialization”, the 2022 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference focuses on hot spots and forward-looking issues in the development of clean energy equipment industry, with the conference as the main body.Supporting activities such as high-end dialogue, industry promotion, exhibition of innovation achievements, demonstration and application scenarios will be held during the same period.The construction of the project will provide hardware support for the World Clean energy Equipment Conference, help Deyang to drive industrial agglomeration with exhibition agglomeration, and build a world-class clean energy equipment manufacturing base and green development demonstration area.(Image by permission of Bo Chen and Tao Guo)