By selling wechat red envelope cover into a million months?Wechat official response

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Wechat red envelope covers have gone viral recently, with many people preparing a variety of red envelope covers in advance, hoping to add color to their wishes during the New Year.”The cover of wechat red envelope is even harder to grab than red envelope!”At the same time, there are also many businesses to seize the opportunity to sell wechat red envelope cover into a million months!According to a website, the top wechat red envelope cover sells more than 50,000 bills a month, and the top cover price is 18.8 yuan.That means the store can earn nearly one million yuan a month just by selling wechat red envelope covers.In addition, there are many businesses sales over ten thousand, many illustrators, content designers and other creative red envelope covers are also very popular, the number of sales is very considerable.It is worth mentioning that wechat also issued a “red envelope cover alarm clock” small program, a collection of big brands of red envelope covers, convenient for users to grab red envelope covers.However, the details of these products link to the page but play a “border ball”, one store said: “Buy emojis to send a red envelope cover.”In the details page, the big font says that the wechat red envelope cover will be given for purchase of emojis, and the store will not sell any cover.But on display are hundreds of red envelope styles, including New Year’s, fireworks, select, couples and so on.At the same time, the comments of these products are also about the cover of the red envelope.It is important to note that WeChat Lucky Money cover also spawned a industrial chain, in a certain electric business platform to search the words “permissions” WeChat Lucky Money cover, they can get huge amounts of goods, the price ranged from 40 yuan to 100 yuan, after paying the store can quickly help creator open access, “there is no charge for no data can be opened, is not successful.”It is understood that wechat red envelope cover open platform, is wechat red envelope for brand owners open cover payment customization platform.Here, authorized customizers can independently design cover styles and create cover stories, pay for customized and exclusive red envelope covers, and distribute them to wechat users through their own channels.After receiving the money, users can use it when sending red envelopes on wechat.Through the review of the red envelope cover, you need to purchase the order before the official online.The cover of the red envelope is charged by number, 1 yuan per envelope.If you buy N red envelope covers, N wechat users can get and use them.At present, wechat red envelope can also display the cover story. Users will see pictures, videos and story description when they pull down the details page of the red envelope, telling the story behind the brand, team and cover creation, so as to better convey the brand culture.Wechat official previously also issued a prompt announcement that the wechat red envelope cover is launched by wechat, for the customization party in the customization and purchase of wechat red envelope cover, free of charge to the user for a creative product.Since its launch, wechat has clearly stipulated that the customized party shall not charge users any fees in any form because of the cover of wechat red envelope.For such behavior of selling wechat red envelope covers to users for compensation, wechat will deal with the following: For customized accounts involved in such violations, the approved wechat red envelope covers will be removed from the shelves, the received red envelope covers will not be able to continue to use, and the unissued wechat red envelope covers will not be able to continue to issue;And such customization party will not be able to customize any red envelope cover through wechat red envelope open platform within one month.Indeed, a search for “wechat red envelope cover” on various platforms will yield a variety of trendy red envelope covers, which has also spawned a large number of gray business areas.Many studios hire artists to create a large number of wechat red envelopes for sale, surprise two months of income.There are also criminals in the price of 2-20 yuan to sell red envelope cover, in order to pay first to the form of the code to deceive consumers money.Here, we remind you to be wary of the cover of wechat red envelope for sale.Source: China Fund News