The SUNS beat the Lakers, the best lakers in franchise history, and are officially out of the playoffs

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The SUNS beat the Lakers 121-110 in the NBA regular season on April 6, Beijing time.Booker had 32 points, Ayton had 22 points and 13 rebounds, Cameron Johnson had 12 points, Bridges had 10 points, Paul had 6 points and 12 assists, and Payne had 4 points and 11 assists in the SUNS ‘record-setting 63 wins.The Lakers, officially out of the playoffs without James, had 28 points and three assists from Westbrook, 21 points and 13 rebounds from Davis, 18 points and six assists from Reeves and 10 points and seven rebounds from Howard.Game Recap: After the Spurs’ early win, the Lakers were in a precarious situation where they had to go one game without losing to even have a chance of avoiding elimination.But the SUNS are the top team in the league and facing the worst record in franchise history, and they can’t pull any punches.Without James, the lakers had a burst of energy during the crisis, giving phoenix a 31-28 lead in the first quarter.But the lakers’ recent loss of first-quarter leads has been routine.Today is no exception.The SUNS, after all, are far better overall than the Lakers, let alone the lakers without James.But the lakers held on, reeves had a big game and trailed by only five at halftime.But the opening of the third quarter, the Sun intensity suddenly upgrade, the Lakers have been spent.The SUNS made a quick run, beating the lakers by 13 points in one quarter and leading by 18 at the end of three.At the end of the quarter, the lakers tried to pull back, but the game was over. The SUNS led by as many as 26 points, went on to win the game for the best record in franchise history, and the lakers were eliminated from the playoffs.Lakers: Westbrook, Bradley, Monk, Davis, Howard SUNS: Paul, Booker, Bridges, Crowder, Ayton