Chairman of Lithuania’s largest opposition party: “If you don’t talk to China, give me the authority to talk”

2022-06-30 0 By

Since last year, the Lithuanian government took extreme actions to provoke China with the help of the Taiwan question and violated China’s territorial sovereignty, the overall situation of the diplomatic relations between the two countries has always been relatively tense.This situation is also putting great pressure on Lithuania, which is facing very serious challenges in different areas, including the economy.Just recently, the chairman of Lithuania’s largest opposition party made a clear statement on the current situation, hoping to be authorized to communicate with China on neutral relations between the two countries and ease the current tension.Lithuania’s largest opposition party chairman make a gesture according to the 17th of this month, Lithuania, according to NBC news of Lithuania’s largest opposition party chairman, referred to as the “shadow chancellor” Carl from Keith say, hope the Lithuanian prime minister mornay can grant his corresponding power, in talks with China on the current situation in neutral,That helped normalize relations between Vilnius and Beijing.On The 17th, Karbauskis made a clear statement to the current Lithuanian government through an open letter.Carl from Keith stressed: in improving relations with China the issue, if no one is willing to take action, among them that should make corresponding authority for oneself, oneself will take the initiative to take action, and negotiate and China and to reach an agreement, in a peaceful way to correct the current government of serious mistakes.The report also stressed that the Lithuanian government was able to provide support and assistance to Taiwan in a “peaceful” way, but the previous actions taken by the Lithuanian government have caused billions of Lithuanian enterprises to suffer huge economic losses.”Now that the Lithuanian government’s mistakes have been discovered and a solution has been publicly offered, it is completely incomprehensible that the government is still not willing to correct them,” Says Mr Karbauskis.After addressing the Lithuanian government, Karbauskis added to his position.It insists that if the Lithuanian government chooses to remain silent, or rejects its request for such a mandate, it will show its people that the current government is playing a dirty “game”.On top of that, Mr Karbauskis, now shadow prime minister, will then have a say to Beijing.Emphasising that the current Lithuanian government has chosen to lie to its own people and wants to persist in doing so.In this context, we hope the Chinese government can wait for the next government to avoid damaging Lithuanian businesses and people.The next government will reject these extremes altogether.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu