Zhu Yi finished the race successfully and finally smiled

2022-06-29 0 By

Zhu Yi finished the race successfully and finally smiled. Zhu Yi’s score of 53.44 is not bad.At least, she played at her normal level and didn’t make a major mistake or fall.Judging by her smile after the successful race, she should be quite pleased with her performance.The most important thing is to take part. To be in the arena is a victory.This score should have a high probability to enter the top 24, can go on the stage of the Winter Olympics athletes really not easy.It would be better if everyone gave more encouragement, not so many weird trolls.Zhu Yi is an athlete of our country, if we do not support her, can it be justified?Everyone was very supportive and encouraging to other Chinese athletes, and said they could compete normally as long as they were not injured.Why do many people have different attitudes when it comes to Zhu Yi?Why is that?Hey, guys, what’s your attitude?I will not get lost, welcome to follow the comments and discussion.Your interaction is my greatest source of motivation!