Key project | hejin of the open area by the open 2 issue of road engineering was accelerated

2022-06-29 0 By

Hejin Economic and Technological Development Zone jingkai Second Road Phase I (Xinguang Avenue ~ Jingkai Third Road) road project is one of the key projects in Hejin city in 2022.The project starts from Xinguang Avenue in the south and reaches Kaisan Road in the east, with a planned total length of 2056.88m. The construction includes road, drainage, water supply, lighting, transportation and greening projects.Since the project started, the zone and the construction unit have worked closely together to accelerate the construction of the project.At present, earthwork excavation, platform drainage ditch, special roadbed treatment, underground rainwater pipe network has been completed;85% of road bed shaping and rolling has been completed, and more than 50% of gravel cushion, water stabilization and pavement cushion have been completed.Source: Hejin Rong Media Center Photo/article: Han Dong