People in The Qixian district of Hohhot, where the risk is located, are strictly restricted from leaving the city

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The 2022 Hohhot COVID-19 prevention and control press conference (the fourth session) was held at 16:00 on February 18. According to the press release, Hohhot has carried out final disinfection for all the confirmed cases at home, the outbreak sites, and the public areas where the cases have been active.At present, there are seven medium-risk areas in Hohhot, and people in Qi County are strictly restricted from leaving the city.Hohhot will carry out the second round of nucleic acid testing in key areas at 15:00 on February 19.According to the release, after the outbreak of the epidemic in Hohhot, according to the principle of territorial management, the relevant Qixian DISTRICT CDC organized professional disinfection personnel in their own units.Final disinfection has been carried out for all the detected cases at home, in places of concentrated outbreaks, in public areas where cases have been active, in workplaces, in vehicles used by cases, in transport vehicles and in positive rooms in isolation places.In addition, all public places, public transport vehicles, large closed and crowded places within the jurisdiction of Hohhot shall be organized by their subordinate units or hired by qualified third party organizations to carry out daily preventive disinfection work.In accordance with the provisions of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on the implementation of precise control measures based on the adjustment of the REGIONAL and classification standards of COVID-19 epidemic, after comprehensive evaluation and judgment by the expert group, and the decision of Hohhot Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, starting from 14:00 on February 17,Yuquan District xinglong Lane Street four li Ying East community, Xiaoheihe Town Xianghe Yuan community;Saihan District Zhaowuda South Road street Xiaotai Community, Qilechuan Street Yi Shui Yuan community;Donghe Community, Genghis Khan Street, New urban district;Tile-fangyuan New Village, Baimiaozi Town, Tuzuo Banner;Wuchuan county on the bald hai township west guanjing village adjustment delimited for the risk area.After being designated as medium-risk area, all communities under the jurisdiction of the community are classified as medium-risk area, and personnel in the risk area are subject to classified control measures according to the degree of risk.People in Qi county or district at medium-risk locations are strictly restricted from leaving the service. Those who need to leave the service, such as those who need to leave the service to ensure production, life and transportation, can leave the service with the approval of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, with negative nucleic acid certificates for 48 hours, take good personal travel protection, and implement the epidemic prevention and control regulations of the destination.It is not necessary for people living in counties and districts other than those located in medium-risk areas to stay on the phone. Those who do need to leave the phone should carry a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours, take good personal travel protection, and abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations of the destination.In order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic, Hohhot will carry out the second round of nucleic acid testing in key areas, which will start at 15:00 on February 19.Carry id card and smart phone during the test. Those without smart phone should carry ID card and write their name, ID card number, home address (specific to the house number) and contact phone number on the paper in advance.During nucleic acid testing, masks must be worn for personal protection.”1 meter line” should be strictly implemented between waiting personnel to avoid crowd gathering and cross infection.Follow the staff’s command during testing.Residents are requested to accept nucleic acid samples in accordance with the notification of their communities or units.Avoid unnecessary flow before nucleic acid test results are issued.When nucleic acid test results are negative, orderly flow should be carried out on the premise of personal protection and aggregation activities should be minimized.In view of the current epidemic situation in Hohhot, the Hohhot Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds the general public to be highly vigilant in daily life and take active measures to protect themselves.First, try to avoid going to closed places where people gather. When going out, people should wear medical surgical masks properly and take good personal protection to avoid gathering or gathering.Second, we should pay attention to personal hand hygiene and develop a good habit of washing hands frequently.Third, cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and try not to touch your mouth and nose with your hands.Four is to develop the habit of opening Windows frequently ventilation, recommended three times a day, each time not less than 30 minutes, and maintain the health of the residence.Five is to maintain at least one meter of social distancing at all times.Six is in the daily life reasonable diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, a certain amount of meat, eggs, milk and other high-protein diet, while strengthening exercise, improve the immune function.Seven is to develop good work and rest habits, rest on time every day, do not stay up late.Eighth, China has taken the initiative to carry out full vaccination of COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots, and actively cooperated with local governments to carry out nucleic acid testing in key areas.Outbreak of the change of time affects the heart to meet the demand for epidemic information Hohhot Hohhot citizens melt media center online media project “unity is strength outbreak Fought war “precision push Hohhot city outbreak of epidemic disease related content, help the epidemic prevention and control work (scan the qr code below, into the special page) source: Hohhot news