Hunan Chemical Vocational College was selected as one of the 100 outstanding colleges in the National Higher Vocational College Student Development Index

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Hunan College of Chemical Engineering was selected.Rednet Moment February 19 – (Correspondent He Xinyuan) On February 14, the National Joint Conference of Presidents of Vocational Colleges issued a notice on the list of outstanding colleges and universities on the Release of the Student Development Index of Higher Vocational Colleges, and a total of 9 higher vocational colleges in Hunan province were selected.Hunan College of Chemical Technology ranks among the top 100 colleges in the student Development Index of higher vocational colleges., entrusted by the Ministry of Education vocational education and adult education department, by the China institute of education, national vocational colleges from the service of the joint meeting of the principal contributions, student development, education quality of teaching, government responsibility and international cooperation and so on five dimensions of the 2021 annual report of China’s vocational education quality, has been published by higher education press,And to show the development of China’s higher vocational education to the society, with higher authority.Inform stressed that the goal of school education teaching to students’ development, in order to guide the professional colleges and universities attach great importance to students’ development, student development index, higher vocational and technical colleges report released for the first time from the student development situation, the education teaching situation, social services, the practice teaching situation such as dimension build student development index, based on the quality of the schools to submit the annual report data,Combined with the state data platform data, the factor analysis model was used to determine the index weight, and 100 colleges and universities with excellent student development index were selected.Hunan College of Chemical Technology is listed in the top 100 outstanding colleges in the Student Development Index of higher Vocational colleges, which is the epitome of the quality of education and teaching, and the embodiment of the core competitiveness and talent training level of the university.School insisted on the fundamental task of khalid ents, attaches great importance to the all-round development of students, attach importance to students’ ideal faith guide, attaches great importance to the fusion of spirit and professional teaching entrepreneurship education, professional education and innovation of the financing, guide the students in practice in education about political than bear, devotion than the contribution, with practical action to accept the baptism of youth,Fully demonstrate the responsibility of being a young student in the new era.Hunan Polytechnic of Chemical Industry vigorously develops practical education resources such as skill training and competition, enterprise internship and social practice, so that students can experience professional quality and strengthen professional identity in practice.Student career development education and integration of innovative entrepreneurial awareness training, employment guidance education and training innovative undertaking hatching, innovation, entrepreneurship practice combining with the base phase coupling, improve the level of students’ professional skills and improving students’ comprehensive vocational ability, improve students’ employment ability, promote the students’ progress, ensure quality of students’ development.