In the world: Zheng Juan from business, Feng Huarong but from the evil, Zhou Rong that outbreak

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The world is hot, between father and son what can not be resolved.Zhou Zhigang returned home and Zhou Bingkun began to fight, but after scolding, two people completely reconciled, Zhou Bingkun wanted his father a recognition, the fact that he also deserves this recognition.Zhou rong is now an associate professor, but she can’t even get a two-bedroom apartment, leaving her daughter living in her brother’s house.Feng Yue has been growing up with her uncle, and the relationship between parents is not close, their own things will not tell their parents.The composition got the prize, Zhou Rong did not know, but what position did he have to blame his daughter?After all, she’s the one who hasn’t been there for her.He was even in Beijing and seemed to forget that he had a daughter back home.Composition has been praised Zhou Rong Feng Yue, but how also not happy, these strange words not only was his, her daughter is written by others, is written, this can’t blame Feng Yue, she and her mother didn’t stay very long, more don’t understand mother, so can writing is limited, to understand the Zheng Juan my aunt’s probably more than mother.Zheng Juan to pay for the zhou family is there for all to see, take care of the cerebral infarction mother-in-law, pull sister’s daughter, but also for Zhou Bingkun son, this is absolutely the model of that era, the most important is that people grow beautiful, Zhou Bingkun can earn big.Zhou Nan’s identity in addition to Zhou Bingkun mother, others know, even Luo Shibin this smelly rascist has come to rob the child.Zhou Bingyi suppressed the matter, but he could not conceal it for a long time.Luo Shibin now business, want to send Nannan to study abroad, how can Zhou Bingkun agree?He worked so hard to raise his son to lose to a smelly rascal, when he played Locke bin, now certainly will not let him, Zhou Bingkun is also in prison.And Zhou Nan’s choice is surprising, actually follow Luo Shibin to go abroad, from now on zhou jia zheng Juan a person carried.According to the netizens, Zheng Juan from business, is definitely a hero in the female, Feng Huacheng but up the evil, after all, Zheng Juan so many years appearance level has been online, Zhou Rong learned that after a thorough outbreak, and Feng Huacheng divorce, Feng Huacheng today’s appearance is not the consequences?