“We have to get ahead of Russia and work with China!”

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The development of natural resources is of self-evident importance to human society, especially in the competition between great powers, the one who can take the lead in mastering resources can get more chances in the game.The United States has long regarded China and Russia as competitors in the arctic development issue in order to expand its influence and gain benefits.It is reported that the US media published columns saying that China is the best friend of the US on the Arctic issue and that the US should “ally” with China before Russia and China “ally”.According to us media, if China and Russia form an alliance on arctic development, it will directly affect THE interests of the US.An alliance with China, they argue, would not only ease tensions between the United States and China, save money on research and development, and ultimately curb Russian influence in the Arctic.In recent years, The results of Cooperation between China and Russia in arctic development have been the envy of other countries, and the two countries believe that their development in the Arctic region has great potential.Us media said that Russia has long occupied a dominant military position in the Arctic region, and China is a new participant in the development of the Arctic.It is reaping the “dividend” of arctic development with Russia.The U.S. has intercepted more Russian warplanes than at any time since the cold War, thanks to Russia’s increasingly sophisticated military presence in the Arctic.At the same time.China’s participation in the development of the Arctic has gradually become a major beneficiary of arctic interests.At the same time, under American pressure, Sino-Russian cooperation is getting closer, and the two sides are heating up in arctic energy development, which is totally unacceptable to the United States.”United Against Russia” or “United against Russia”?As a matter of fact, as far as the Arctic issue is concerned, should we unite China against Russia or Russia against China?The response of various parties in the US was different. Some US military personnel proposed to “contain China through joint efforts with Russia”.They see Russia’s activities in the Arctic as understandable, and the United States should be open to them precisely because of the oil and gas resources that Russia needs.However, with the establishment of the “Ice Silk Road” between China and Russia, there will be more opportunities for win-win cooperation in the future.Both sides attach great importance to the cooperation between each other, and the design concept has entered a substantial development stage.The former US secretary of state said the US needs to pay more attention to cooperation between China and Russia if it wants to develop in the Arctic, even though China is located 900 miles from the North Pole.Part of the sources: International Tourism Island Business daily, China Military Culture Research Society