New Hualian Group Fu Jun: Hope for the future | New Year’s speech

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Leju Financial news Liu Zhiying February 1, new Hualian Group chairman and president Fu Jun delivered a New Year’s speech, the speech is as follows: Spring returns to the earth, vientiane update!On the occasion of the approaching of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, ON behalf of the board of directors of Xinhualian Group, I would like to extend my best wishes to all my colleagues and their families, shareholders, customers, partners and friends from all walks of life.I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger, prosperity in the tiger, wings added to the tiger and happiness in your family.Looking back, we realize that it is hard to start a business, harder to stay in it, and harder to succeed.In just the past 2021 years, in the face of the new champions league outbreak repeatedly and complicated situation at home and abroad to bring serious challenges, group and positive as, overcome difficult, successfully DE material porcelain co, Rio’s new pharmaceutical co., China shares listed in a-share companies, such as innovation to drive the dongyue group, the wheel tires, keda manufacturing entity manufacturing enterprises achieve spectacular results,And in the capital market, promote the integrated development of cultural tourism scenic spots, further optimize and improve the operation management, to ensure that the overall operation of the group to recover.With a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, we have actively participated in the government’s epidemic prevention and control work, continued to help poor college students complete their studies, fully protected the interests of stakeholders, and spared no effort to create value for employees, customers and society.It can be said that the past year has seen a lot of people and things that moved us, and left too many unforgettable scenes and memories.Adversity is the essence of success.The unremitting persistence and breakthrough in the past year has condensed the unity and selfless dedication of all the people in Xinhualian, and also full of the enthusiastic help and support from all walks of life.Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and high respect to all of you.Where there is a mountain, there is a road; where there is a river, we can cross it.As long as we move forward in responding to challenges, overcoming difficulties and resolving crises, we will be able to find opportunities, achieve development and achieve success.I always believe that a person who never bemoans the difficult times and never laments the wasted fate will be truly strong in difficult adversity.Spirit condenses strength, responsibility urges people to forge ahead.The year 2022 is the most critical year for the survival and development of Xinhualian, as well as an important year for winning and breaking the game.We will firmly grasp the “steady character overhead, seek improvement in stability,” the policy tone, hold fast to the party and the government launched a series of new policies conducive to the development of economic stability, according to the group in 2022, the annual proposes the thoughts and measures of job, at a higher starting point, higher position and higher goals, coagulation hearts meet force, take the initiative to change,By fostering new industries, accelerate the merger, acquisition and reorganization, promote management ability, open, rich plan, build elite team, strive for in cultural tourism, new materials, new energy, new equipment, and other important areas as a representation, and better more, ensure that the new hualian the ship of the waters, through the market, brave peace into the economic development of the new spring,We will make new and greater contributions to helping shape a new development landscape.Rain and dew spring breeze zi all things, tiger yue Shengshi New Year.Fellow colleagues, the New Year has been drummed, spring has sounded the horn!Let us move forward bravely, regroup, forge strength, create a new bureau, strive to write a new chapter of high quality development of New Hualian, with excellent results to the party’s 20th victory held a tribute!Fu Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors and president of The New Hualian Group, Ren Yinhu Spring Festival article source: Leju Finance