Yuzuru Hanyu accepted the Japanese male, female host interview, 2 times tears!Keep saying: Big man

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Yuzuru Hanyu, defending champion of the men’s free skating singles, failed to make it to the podium at the Beijing Winter Olympics after making a mistake in his 4A jump attempt in a stunning but regrettable routine that left him with 283.21 points in fourth place.Yuzuru Hanyu also talked about his performance today in the post-match interview. He said that he tried his best to do the best 4A jump, and even though it didn’t work out in the end, it somehow made the performance of Sky and Earth more complete.Yuzuru Hanyu has been doing a lot of interviews throughout the day. When asked by reporters at the mixed zone how he felt after the match, hanyu said:”I feel like I gave it my all, that’s how I feel right now. Today’s 4A jump was better than any I’ve ever done before. Of course, there was a feeling of ‘almost’, but I did my best.But in a way, ‘Heaven and Earth’ tells a more complete story because of those two mistakes.”In fact, from the point of today’s game, feather raw string 4 a jump of the movement was more successful, only the last fall to the ground appeared a fatal mistake, but it also is very not easy achievements, especially in the winter Olympics this international competition, dare to break through the limits, challenge themselves, to the gold medal for the exclusion, this is a brave, and worthy of respect.Huang Jianxiang, a famous commentator, was also impressed. After Hanyu’s competition, he wrote: “Someone like Hanyu is a gift from Heaven for a project.What he can’t accomplish is the regret of the world’s audience.”At the end of the interview, when asked if he would try the 4A jump again, Hanyu said, “Please give me some time. I have tried my best this time.As long as I can make some people think, ‘Yuzuru Hanyu is really good,’ that will be the biggest achievement for me.Later, Yuzuru Hanyu was interviewed by two Japanese TV anchors.One is the hostess and Japanese figure skating famous Shizuka Arakawa, and the other is Shuzo Matsuoka.As a result, Yuzuru Hanyu all cried, yuzuru Hanyu kept saying: big husband, big husband (Japanese doesn’t matter).– I still remember that it was Shuzo Matsuoka who interviewed Yuzuru Hanyu in the first time after the onmyoji won the gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.Unfortunately, now 4 years have passed, although Hanyu Yuzuru amazing to do 4A, but not perfect.Yuzuru Hanyu was also full of regret.