Is kindness a positive word or a negative word?

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I never thought that one day I would think about the word kindness, is it a positive word or a negative word?Just like I always thought that the kind people must be kind in the end, until today I learned that life will never be kind to you because you are kind.Even though all of us have been taught to be human from the very beginning.Mark Twain said: kindness is a universal language that can be felt by the blind and smelled by the deaf.01 your kindness, must take the edge of well-known actor Sun Li, because of excellent film and television works, has been having a good reputation.However, people in the river’s lake, who can not get a knife.Even the “lady” of good quality and character has been vilified.At that time, Sun li’s career was just getting started.An accidental TV program, Sun Li is informed that Xiang Haiqing family is poor, but still study very assiduous, and the result is very outstanding.Sun Li feels the indomitable strength of xianghaiqing body and him very much like, then she decides to subsidize this boy.At that time, Xiang haiqing only knew that an elder sister was supporting him, but did not know her true identity.Sun Li enlists mother to make a living cost to Xianghaiqing every month, but xianghaiqing is abnormal in the college entrance examination the name of the first exam falls sunshan.Sun Li afraid to Haiqing hard, also specially call to enligh10 haiqing, encourage haiqing reread.The Xiang Haiqing that read again a year took an examination of Shanghai some college, the xiang Haiqing that went up a university cost is suddenly big rise, accepted the subsidization of the school obviously, become like to often want money to sun Li’s mother however.Because of accidental opportunity, Xiang Haiqing was informed that what subsidize oneself is a star, the lion opens big mouth to want money to Sun Li ceasably actually, because sun Li exceeded subsidize limits refused.But xianghaiqing has written five thousand words of the tidings sun Li take their show, do not perform the agreement, and so on.Immediately, Sun Li was attacked from all sides, it is the story of the farmer of realistic version and snake simply.After Sun Li is calumniated, although she does not bear grudges the university student that is funded, but she terminated to its fund.This is a sign of her wisdom.As the saying goes: man is born good.But the life won’t because you are kind and treat you well, certain meeting someone’s heart is comparable to poisonous snake, after feeding oneself intestines and stomach, shameless of show atrocious face.Kindness without edge is not compassion, but stupidity.Teach a man to fish is better than to give him fish.Do not use good, to feed people who do not know how to be grateful.The subsidized college student was eventually spurned and suspended from school for a year, and his classmates stopped communicating with him.He failed to enter the civil service as he had hoped, and many companies rejected his application.The kind rose, only grow sharp thorns, will not be trampled on.Emerson once said, “Your goodness must have some edge, or it will amount to nothing.”In our life, we often come across such a person: every time someone asks him for a favor, he always says yes;Every time someone makes him angry, he apologizes and forgives;Whenever I ask him for advice, I always say “whatever” or “whatever”.For a long time, in the eyes of others, that person really became a very talkative, no bottom line, submissive person.In Maugham’s novel The Moon and Sixpence, there is one such man, dirk Stroff, who is a minor painter.When he was ridiculed by arrogant Charles, not only not angry, but also help to take sick Charles home, let his wife take care of;When he learned that his wife cheated on him, he was not angry. Instead, he gave up his house to his wife and rival, saying, “I can’t expect her to love me like I love her.I can’t blame her.”When his wife was abandoned by Charles, he went to see her without a stop, helping her to wash and cook, wait on the daily life…In Maugham’s own words: “Everyone looked down on him because he was so easy to bully.”In this world, if goodness goes too far, it is weakness.As said in “You can also say” : “Kindness is very precious, but kindness does not grow teeth, that is weakness.And the consequence of weakness, is once one day, you can not hold up, to fall, those who are you “used to” bad people not only won’t lend a helping hand, but turn your head to push you into the abyss.This is the darkness of human nature, but also the indifference of human heart.So don’t let your bottomless heart breed bloodthirsty wolves.Blindly flatter, will only let a person feel good bully.Mencius said, ‘THE superior man has his actions and his omissions.Knowing what can be done and doing it, knowing what cannot be done and not doing it.”A rose must have a thorn, it will not be trampled at will.The same is true of being human.To be a prickly figure is the tenderest law of adulthood.A Zen master saw a scorpion fall into the water. He reached out to retrieve it, only to be stung by it.Not long after, the scorpion fell into the water again, the master reached out to retrieve it, was stung again.When the scorpion fell into the water again, the zen master was stung.The fisherman saw him and asked, “The scorpion stings you again and again. Why do you save it?”The Zen master said, “It is his nature to sting, but it is my nature to be compassionate.”At this time, the scorpion fell into the water again, the fisherman went to pick up a branch, the scorpion will climb up along the branch.The fisherman said to the Zen master, “Compassion is all right, but you should be kind to yourself first.”Good, is a lifelong practice, excessive consumption of their own good, is also a kind of stupidity.In the good at the same time, but also to ensure that they are not hurt, before being good to others, first learn to live up to their own.Goodwill should be the treasure of the world and the light of human nature.If the good people are frequently disappoint, if the good people always suffer, that the world is still a good world?The indifference of this world was born from then on.Therefore, only under the premise of maintaining the dignity and space of independence, we can show kindness to others as much as possible, warm others and protect ourselves.In this way, we have both weak and weak ribs, and solid armor.As Wang Xiaobo said, “Kindness is never an easy thing. Wrong kindness will not bring heaven to others, but drag you into hell.”He who pays for everyone should not be frozen to death in the wind and snow. All good people deserve to be treated well.I hope that all who plant flowers for others can also live in a garden.