Chunnuanhua flag open shengangke flag comprehensive discount 42,000 yuan

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“No” worry car double protection aviation comprehensive discount of nearly 50000 yuan ① Angke flag drop 30000 yuan ② can enjoy 20% down payment, 60 period of low interest ③ replacement subsidy up to 1000 yuan ④ Angke flag comprehensive discount of 60,000 yuan ⑤ Buy a car that send 3500 yuan decoration gift package Thank you, the future is not coming, buy a car to buy buick to more gifts,Please reveal at the store!Dream car instantly owned!!Call to consult enjoy more gifts!On the tongda Buick Anke flag car sales, color optional.Cash purchase part of the car in the Tongda Buick 4S shop discount, price to force, multiple car gift waiting for you!Upon arrival, a professional sales consultant will tell you the parameters of the vehicle and the purchase policy in detail.Let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy, we wholeheartedly for your service!Tongda Buick 4S shop looks forward to your visit!Promotion time from April 04, 2022 to April 10, 2022 Angke flag latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Taiyuan quotation 652T two-drive noble model 299,900 yuan 42,200 yuan 257,900 yuan 652T four-drive noble model 314,900 yuan 42,200 yuan 272,900 yuan 652TFour-wheel drive enjoy flagship 335,900 yuan 42,200 yuan 293,900 yuan 652T four-wheel drive Avenir Aviya 359,900 yuan 42,200 yuan 317,900 yuan