About 1.44 million mu of early rice will be sown in Changsha this year

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A transplanter is planting green seedlings in the paddy field of dingjun Professional Cooperation Association in Longfu town of Liuyang City on June 29.(reporter Peng Hongxia photo) Do not miss the time of farming do not miss the spring, in full swing rice planting busy.On the morning of March 30, in liuyang City, longfu town of Ding Jun professional cooperation association of planting and breeding in the paddy field, transplanter, seedling throwing machine is shuttling back and forth, they left rows of green seedlings, union member Shen Shengjian told reporters, this is the first batch of early rice seedlings this year.In recent days, with the rise of temperature, changsha early rice transplanting work is orderly carried out, the fields are a busy scene.Reporters in ding Jun planting professional cooperation association of rice seedling plant to see, tiller, rotary cultivator, transplanter, rice throwing machine, fertilizer machine and other agricultural machinery available.”It takes about 10 minutes on average for a rice throwing machine to finish planting one mu of land.”Liu Guobin, the head of the joint agency, a total of 12,000 acres of land transfer, there are 12 seedlings throwing machines, more than 40 rice transplanter.Mechanized transplanting greatly improves the efficiency. “If the weather is good, the first batch of transplanting tasks can be completed in a week.”He said.Not only does transplanting save time and effort, but seedling management does not need to worry too much.Reporters in the seedlings shed to see, seedlings live in the 8-layer “sunshine room”, but also according to the sun needs to automatically change the layer, to ensure that the bottom seedlings can also fully absorb the sun.Shen Shengjian told reporters: “This batch of seedlings can be inserted more than 800 acres of land, and management as long as one person is enough, temperature control, humidity control are fully automatic, as long as a button can be adjusted.””It only takes about 20 days from seedling promotion to transplanting, 7 days earlier than traditional rice seedling raising. Factory seedling raising can effectively solve the problems existing in traditional rice seedling raising such as long seedling emergence time and unstable yield.”Changsha Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau related person in charge of introduction, this year changsha strictly carry out the food security responsibility system assessment, to ensure that the grain sown area of 4.633 million mu, including early rice sown area of 1.44 million mu, grain output maintained about 4.3 billion jin.At the same time, Changsha will further strengthen the policy support for grain production, and the reward and subsidy funds of the relevant major grain-producing counties will be directly used in the main link of grain production, focusing on supporting early rice production.(Reporter Qian Juan correspondent Zhu Yuhong) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com