2022 Guangdong University rankings updated: Shenzhen University beat South China Normal University, Southern Medical University is difficult to draw

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With the development of The Times, the education level of Guangdong province has reached a new height, among which the higher education is developing the fastest, in addition to the familiar South China Normal University, Shenzhen University, but also many famous universities such as Southern University of Science and Technology.2022 Guangdong University RankingsAccording to the ranking of alumni association released 2022 institutes of higher learning in guangdong, the rapid progress of some universities in guangdong this year, in addition to the south university of science and technology, guangzhou medical university and south China agricultural university for double top three universities, jinan university, south China science and technology, and sun yat-sen university and other famous universities in the new ESI ranking and QS rankings are improved,At this rate of development, there is no doubt that Guangdong’s education, economy and technology will hit a new high. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the ranking.From the top to the top of the list are:Sun yat-sen university (the 15th), south China university of technology (the 24th), jinan university (national number 39), south China agricultural university (54) in the country, (56) in the country of shenzhen university, south China normal university (national ranking 57th name), south China university of science and technology (the national ranking no. 83), southern medical university (national ranking first111), Guangdong University of Technology (125th in China), Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (143rd in China)!Shenzhen University and South China Normal University, supported by local education authorities, are often compared by local people for their profound educational background and excellent teaching quality.Shenzhen University and South China Normal University are ranked 5th and 6th respectively in the latest ranking of universities in Guangdong Province. It is also a pity that South China Normal University is not in the top 5.In fact, in my opinion, the gap between the two universities lies in the discipline. Although South China Normal University has more A-level disciplines, the number of undergraduate majors is only more than 90, compared with shenzhen University, which has more than 100.Although Shenzhen University is not a double-first-class university, its overall development speed is very fast. With the support of famous universities such as North Qingqing University, shenzhen University has made rapid progress in both teachers and subjects.The budget of Shenzhen University is one of the highest in China, with more than 7 billion yuan. This shows that the future of shenzhen University is very bright. For students, if they pass the exam, they will earn money.As the strongest medical university in Guangdong Province, Southern Medical University (SMU) is still outstanding in overall strength despite failing to reach the double first-class ranking. Although it is only ranked 8th in the ranking of Universities in Guangdong Province in 2022, it is still a well-known university in China.The most outstanding point of the university is its faculty. At present, there are more than 500 national and provincial talents in the university, including nearly 10 academicians and academicians.In addition, there are 3 national teaching teams and 4 national Teaching masters. It can be seen that The strength of Southern Medical University is very strong. If the development continues at this speed, there is no doubt that it will be sooner or later to be listed as a double-first-class university.The author said:Several universities superior strength, the abundant teaching resources, and to enter oneself for an examination the students concern, to be honest, in guangdong province to study in a key university is a very proud thing, want to know, but a good student, not only can get care, in the office can also help in one’s deceased father grind, so please everyone pay attention to the development of the institutes of higher learning in guangdong.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to hao Ge education notes opening notice!Henan a middle school students to return to school officially finalized, parents call for tuition waiver notice!A school in Liaoning province has officially confirmed the date of returning to school, and parents are applausing the announcement.Parents in shandong province are calling for tuition waivers as the date for students to return to school is officially set