Where in the end do domestic bearings lose?Uncover the true level of Chinese bearings, far beyond your imagination

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I asked several colleagues in the industry, they all said that our bearings were not good, I asked why, they said that heat treatment is not good, so our bearings are really as bad as they said?Wang Chuanfu once said:Domestic backward is a brand, rather than technology, and is not, as some people’s eyes to see, the light of the moon always abroad than domestic, look down upon their own brands like this to old to be changed, the bearing power of the Chinese really, many consumers have never know before, now not only to foreign enterprises in China provides a large number of bearing steel,But also to the United States Timken, Sweden SKF, Schaeffler, Japan NSK and other well-known foreign enterprises supply bearing key parts, next I will reveal the true level of Chinese bearings.Bearing is the main components in the industrial equipment, its main role is to support the transmission parts, transmission torque and load bearing, the earliest originated in China, as early as four thousand years ago in xia shang period, we will use bearing production out of the carriage, though bearing than effect at that time simple, but also reflects our technological prowess,Now, but all the science and technology, industrial power without exception is bearing RESEARCH and development, manufacturing power, according to the relevant data show that: in 2014, China’s bearing output up to 19.6 billion sets, ranked the third in the world, at that time we are not powerful bearings, because we produce bearings in reliability and life there is still a little gap with developed countries.But with the rapid development of China’s high-speed rail technology, the gap has been broken, one of luoyang bearing factory has done to their production of bearing related testing, the testing results show that the bearing under high-speed high-speed operation to keep good performance, fully meet the requirements of high-speed railway in our country, which means that China’s high-speed rail on the localization of the bearing will be fully used, we have learned,The breakthrough of the high-end bearing processing difficulty is very high, single is bearing shell has 87 process of grinding, after tests found parts internal precision is greatly increased, even some countries twice, have to say once we even bearing steel all not my production, now we produce bearings, unexpectedly can go beyond the level of science and technology of some developed countries,It is because we have mature technology, but also can produce high-quality bearings, we have become the world’s largest bearing production and sales base.Even Japan also piggybacking on China’s high-end bearing steel ball with their own brands sold in the market, as we all know, Japan tsubaki island group is the world’s top bearing manufacturers, but because of its capacity is insufficient, have to sell, purchase Chinese steel ball disguised as the Japanese products, after his razor island group leaders to bow “apology”,And admit that the quality of bearing steel ball produced in China is not worse than their own production, even if sold out there is no problem, so it can be seen that Japan Toon Nakajima is full of confidence in China, why some of our people are still saying that foreign things are good, it is good, why not admit?Let me show you another set of data to prove my point.In the market share ranking of world bearing enterprises in 2020, SKF of Sweden ranked first, occupying 7.6% of the market, Schaeffler of Germany ranked second, occupying 4.4% of the market, SK of Japan ranked third, occupying 3.7% of the market, Chinese People’s Government ranked sixth, occupying 2.2% of the market, and China Tile Shaft ranked 12th, occupying 0.2% of the market.Now I would like to introduce to you in particular the two Chinese bearing enterprises of Humanism and tile shaft.First, WE are the largest bearing manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of bearings with inner diameters ranging from 1 mm to 6000 mm, and providing products to customers in more than 40 different fields. Besides, we also provide supporting products for general Electric, Ford, Whirlpool, Warner, Reber and many other enterprises.He has won the Whirlpool Quality Excellence Award, Warner Quality Excellence Award and Nextel Quality Excellence Award.Then said wazhou, wazhou company is China’s largest bearing, the main production of rail transit bearing, auto bearing, military equipment, bearing, etc., in the domestic market share of over 20%, in the field of industrial equipment bearings, wazhou is the world’s few can provide Japanese companies with immovable Angle contact ball bearing, mainly used in the electric main shaft screw on hydraulic injection molding machine,At the same time, tile shaft also supplies gear box bearings for Germany Flanders, Germany Weinengji, Italy pumanpu, and developed the first domestic growth box planetary wheel bearings.In the field of auto bearing, wazhou AAM companies provide a large number of heavy trucks to the United States high-end auto bearing, wheel bearing and a large number of sold in the United States general motors, ford, Chrysler, in the field of rail transit bearing, wazhou are the major suppliers, railway passenger cars bearing its market share as high as 55%, wazhou developed the 250 km/h high-speed bearing,After many tests, they are qualified. In the field of military equipment bearings, tile shaft provides a variety of services for aircraft carriers, tanks and other special equipment. After three years of independent research and development of domestic carrier arresting cable bearings, filling the gap in the field of such bearings in China.To sum up, the world’s top seven bearing factory there are a certain proportion of made in China, if China bearing really spicy chicken, as some people say that Japan tsubaki island will not be piggybacking on chinese-made bearings for their own products, the iron, Ken schaeffler, Sweden SKF, Germany, Japan NSK well-known enterprises will not bulk purchasing parts and raw materials in China,These enough to prove that the rise of China, China bearing can meet the technical requirements of customers, their action is much more powerful than any of our speech, China bearing, though many shortcomings and deficiencies, but we can’t completely denied, more do not ignore the advantages of domestic manufacturing and progress, is the so-called distance, the outsider,We should keep a clear self-awareness, so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of ourselves.J