Some regret!Wu Dajing: whether good or bad I accept the relay will go all out

2022-06-24 0 By

Wu Dajing, China’s lone champion at the last Pyeongchang Olympic Games, failed to qualify for the men’s 500m short-track speed skating final at the Capital Stadium on February 13. Wu finished third in the preliminary heat, just one skate behind, and failed to qualify for the QA final.Wu dajing, 27, made history by winning the only gold medal for China at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and becoming China’s first male short-track speed skater to win an individual gold medal. He won the 2,000-meter mixed relay with his teammates and has another 5,000-meter relay ahead of him.Wu dajing felt a little sad after the game, he said: “some regret, some regret, in my own country to hold the Olympic Games, I still want to achieve better results.”He also failed to push off in the round of 16, showing the pace of the world record holder.Wu Dajing said: “the speed of the first round of the time, oneself didn’t slip up completely, because the back and it is quite tight, they want to go beyond, so I gave up, as far as possible to slip line, control the back of the opponent, causing the speed don’t slip up and then in the semi-finals, met a third way that is not a good time.”Talking about the performance in the competition, Wu dajing said: “After all, there is a Korean player behind, I think in the second place, there may be less contact, so I still want to surpass as much as possible, did not grab the route or some influence, otherwise there is a little chance to enter the final.”Sun Long and Ren Ziwei did not advance to this point, Wu Dajing thought: “I did not expect my teammates were eliminated.After they finished skating, maybe my own mentality also changed a little, skating is relatively tight, I also quite a pity.””The players who are going to be in the semi-finals are all very strong and actually very close because everyone has the ability and level to compete for gold.In fact, you can see the overall level of the Olympic Games are improving.From the start of the first round of the competition on Thursday, she had already slipped to 40.4-40.5 seconds, which was unprecedented.How is he different from the one who competed in the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago?Wu Dajing said:Or “in two years ago in a year ago, I think I should be the goal of running on the pitch, the gold medal is my dream and goal, as the four years of experience through to now, a lot of teachers including teammates say with me, as far as possible to enjoy the Olympic Games is good, because, after all, in fact the third session of the Olympic Games for me, the first is to face reality, to participate in the Olympics,It is already a wish of their own, to achieve their goals.””As a member of the Chinese short track speed skating, for better or worse, what kind of result, the game is over, I accept what kind of result, also take every game as to than the last game, I don’t know can not continue to participate in the next game in the world, or the Olympic Games, the next in the face of the final relay final, I will try my best.”