Four of snooker’s eight finalists are out!Chiu xintong takes on Trump with a roar!Zhou Yuelong was beaten out

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The final round of the 2022 German Masters snooker tournament took place on The early morning of January 28, Beijing time.Chinese talent Zhao Xintong continued her superb performance to thrashing Tom Ford 5-1 to reach the last eight, while Zhou Yuelong was not so lucky as he was beaten 5-0 by Donald Trump against the defending champion.In the other two games, Ricky Walton beat Belgium’s bullet Brecel 5-2 in hot form this season.Karen Wilson kills Stedman 5-4.Richie Walton 5-2 bletcher.Walton, currently ranked 23rd in the world, knocked out favorite Neil Robertson in the first round.Brecel, now ranked 16th in the world, beat China’s Zhang Anda 5-3 in the first round.Walton got off to a winning start with a 61 in the first game, and Bretcher leveled the score 74-14 in the second.But it was a lopsided game, with Bretcher making turnovers and giving Walton three straight wins to take a 4-1 lead.In the fifth frame, Although Breitcher recovered with 55, it was clear that he was not in the game today, and Walton broke 100 with 105 in the sixth frame.Finally beat Brecel 5-2 to advance to the last eight.Zhou Yuelong 0-5 defending champion Donald Trump.Zhou yuelong is now ranked 19th in the world.Trump is ranked second in the world.The two had played 6 times before, Zhou Yuelong 1-5.This service, Zhou Yuelong did not maintain the first round of excellent state, and play very poor, not standard.Trump scored 50, 55, 70 and 130 to sweep Zhou yuelong 5-0 and reach the last eight.Zhao Xintong 5-1 Tom Ford.Chao is now ranked ninth in the world and Tomford is 21st.Chao beat Mark Williams 5-3 and Tom Ford eliminated Maguire 5-2 in the first round.This game, Zhao Xintong continued the first round of the brave play, the entire court to suppress opponents.The first two sets were tied 1-1, then the match was completely dominated by Zhao xintong, the third set, Zhao won a thrilling 64-55.In the 4th and 6th rounds, Zhao xintong went further and further, scoring 94, 80 and 92 points respectively.Chao won four games in a row to thrashing Tomford 5-1 to advance to the last eight.Karen Wilson Steadman.This game, both sides play extremely intense, wide open.The score was also alternating.The first two innings, Wilson errors, Stedman under two city 2-0 lead.In the 3rd and 4th games, Wilson gradually found his touch and scored 91 points in a single stroke, chasing the score to 2-2.Then came the fourth and fifth innings of the game, with Stedman taking the fifth, seventh and second innings, and Wilson taking the sixth and eighth innings.Both sides were tied 4-4 in the deciding game.The tiebreaker in the ninth game was also very tense.Wilson won 79-33 to advance to the round of eight with a 5-4 knockout.So far, the German Masters has been out of the top eight four seats, are Trump, Zhao Xintong, Karen Wilson and Walton.Chao will face defending champion Donald Trump in the quarterfinals.Both sides of the game time is 29 at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, if Zhao childe can again across the Trumpu mountain, then the champion is just around the corner!What do you think?Welcome to leave a message.