Trendy single item, Fit 2021 1.5LCVT Trendy Max edition

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If you want to choose a vehicle with small body, large space, strong power and low fuel consumption, what model will you choose? If it is me, I will choose Fit 2021 1.5LCVT Chao Max edition.The overall appearance design belongs to the avant-garde, with cool black fashion side skirt, high dazzle silver rear view mirror, tide interest feeling.The roof of the car is equipped with a luggage rack, so that many items will not be unable to carry when traveling.Body length 4090mm, body width 1725mm, body height 1567mm, wheelbase 2530mm.Wheels are made of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels., relatively cool, from the tail body, cool black sport tail fins for the vehicle points a lot.Interior layout the interior of the vehicle as a whole is good, leather multi-functional steering wheel, one-button anti-clamp electric sunroof, leather shift lever.There are LED reading lights in the front row.This car is equipped with an 8-inch color intelligent central control screen, which can map mobile phones to each other, and the vehicle has a voice recognition control system, which is more scientific and technological.The driving side can be entered without keys. The seat is a double-color fabric seat. The front seat adopts MAT new skeleton structure to improve the support and wrapping, and increase the thickness of the seat cushion, so it is more comfortable to ride.Back seat magic, but the whole back seat after folding forward turn 90 degrees, can increase the larger storage space, it is easier to place larger and longer things.The internal space is sufficient, the back seat down ratio 40:60, the back seat space to sit up the interval has two fists and more, the head space also has two fists, sitting in the car will not feel depressed.In terms of power, the car adopts L15BU engine with 1.5 self-priming CVT transmission, and the maximum horsepower is 131.The maximum power of the vehicle is 96KW, the maximum torque is 155n. m, the maximum speed is 190km/h, the acceleration time of 100km is 9.85s, and the warranty period of the vehicle is 3 years or 100,000km.In terms of safety, the vehicle has an active braking system and an early warning of a collision ahead.Lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, even novice drivers on the road, in terms of safety performance, but also very assured.Fit but known as the history of the strongest engine Earth dream engine, there is a sentence is said to buy a car to send the engine, said is the fit of this engine, you can imagine how good the engine, the engine is the heart of the car, this must pay attention to.So did you flip