The microwave oven in the network, the new bag on the street…Hangzhou Branch of Industrial Bank sent a New Year “small happiness”

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Qian Jiang Evening News · Hour News reporter Mei Dan Correspondent Shen Binghu The Spring Festival holiday has begun, but in every city, there are a group of outdoor workers still sticking to their posts.Reporters learned from the Hangzhou branch of Industrial Bank, during the Spring Festival, the bank is still in business outlets will continue to open to the general public “xing commonweal” huimin post station.In a branch of Xingye in Shaoxing area, a row of white cabinets is set up in the French Windows along the street, where first-aid medicines, baby warmers, cleaners, wheelchairs, baby strollers and other service products are kept in order.On another counter, there’s a thermos, a microwave and a drink counter.”Some outdoor workers have lunch with them. When they arrive, they can come to our network, heat it with microwave oven, and have a meal at the network.”Said a staff member at the bank.The subtleties, the beauty.The post of financial institution, all the year round, but every year to the end of the year, more tender.”Laba is the year”, bankers in the year of the Tiger also mostly began laba.On laba day, many banks invite outdoor workers into their branches to taste a bowl of laba porridge and give them a Lucky bag for the New Year.Bankers also go into villagers’ homes during the twelfth month to give blessings to special people.Oil, rice, noodles, red envelopes…Sincere New Year greetings to the public.In Yiwu, industrial bank also “small migratory birds” to send warmth.”Many of our sanitation workers, delivery boys and food delivery boys come from other places. During the Spring Festival, many of them don’t go home and celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.In addition to caring about them, the children who come to yiwu with their parents also need warmth.I hope these children can fall in love with Yiwu through our activities.”Industrial Bank Yiwu branch relevant personage said.Just a few days before the New Year’s Eve, the staff of yiwu branch came to the street with school bags and stationery to bless these children from other places.”Looking at their clear eyes, we were also moved.Their parents have made great contributions to the development of Yiwu, and we also hope that these children can grow up healthy and happy, and create their own bright future with knowledge.”In addition to special groups to send care, the reporter learned that the Hangzhou branch of Industrial Bank in the province has also sent out a number of “local preferential” coupons, involving food, watching movies, travel and other aspects, for your New Year to add vitality.Specific preferential activities, you can consult local industrial bank branches to understand.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: