“Reborn rich generation” she will rely on the invincible materials of space, become 80 rich generation!

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Xiaobian this is recommended for small partners: “The rich generation of rebirth” she has to rely on the invincible materials of space, become 80 rich generation!The first: “reborn 80 rich embroider sheng marriage” author: you blame bud introduction: before Jiang Xiao hate mountain village poverty backward, extreme residue a lot of, inspect the person that takes her to flee mountain village to be a benefactor, unexpectedly however he just is the most terrible jackal tiger leopard.Until die tragically, what jiang Xiao square knows grandpa leaves her is what kind of jing world strange treasure.Return to the village, she wants to punch the best foot kick dregs, guard family, with their own ability to break out.However, she did not expect her own early because of a stuffy coquettish man and was hit on the cute hot little army wife label…Reborn 80 when military sister-in-law, rely on magic brush to earn money, but also married to like her soldier brother!Rebirth 80 text.Highlights: Yao Cong can’t help laughing out loud.Yao secretary is also laugh or cry.Well, the girl was only thirteen years old, she had no parents to teach her, she kept to herself, what did she know?Ding Dani that kind of precocious little girl is enlightened, jiang Xiao with them certainly different.At this time in Yao branch secretary heart, no girl than Jiang Xiao ignorant pure.Jiang Xiao, you don’t put their words at ease.Go home now, as soon as you are better as you promised.Yao branch secretary smiled and waved his hand and left with Yao Cong.This nameless creek bank left only three ancestors and grandchildren, Ge Liutao was relieved.Just so many people around, Ding Daqiang and Guiying and so unreasonable, she really has been carrying the heart, for fear of Jiang Xiao again what matter.Small, we really don’t have to pay guiying’s money and cloth?Jiang Songhai grunted, “Don’t you understand?His family wants to pay for our little!It seems to me that we are asking for too little compensation!”He went to town to buy some supplements to give him a little bit of a tonic.Grandma and grandpa, this five yuan is very good, and there are twelve eggs, we should remember to go to ding’s to beg for eggs.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “the eighties over birth daughter-in-law” author: Tempted magic introduction: once wear back to the eighties.Old mama son preference does not let her study, by the sister-in-law’s child treat, arranged a blind date.Watt!The new teacher is her blind date!!No teacher-student relationship. She wants to drop out, and he won’t let her.This love still talk about ah!She also want to catch up with the pace of social development to make a fortune!Just when there is a good development, family planning grasp the prison, oh buy ga, family planning team is not a person!Wonderful content: Qin teacher is very gratified smile way: “line, your boy good refueling, the teacher this line is not like the workers outside, stem of all is thankless matter.”He patted him on the shoulder and got on the track again.Night self-study, Shen You back to the classroom, absent a day of feeling, quite a bit like her feeling of skipping classes in high school.It was a great experience to go back to high school.Shuyi city into the classroom, the vision is very natural towards the direction of the leisurely look over.Shen You an unintentional eye, also found his eyes, and then looked at, he actually walked over.”Better?””Asked the voice of extreme concern.(Click below to read for free) The third book: The Rich Generation of RebirthShangbeizi Korea forsythia stupid, swept away by the person with $three hundred in awards, complicity a makes jokes, also is the so-called best friend stole potential shares her fiance, Korea forsythia didn’t want to live, thrown into the river, but again wake up back in the eighty s, everything had not happened, this time she will live at ease, let those who hate her only helplessly looking at her happiness,She will rely on the invincible materials of space, become 80 rich generation!Li Xueying holding the corner of the line, did not go out, she did not want to let Han Lianqiao see her confusion, clearly he is only one year older than Han Lianqiao, it seems that mother and daughter are believed, Li Xueying wearing a set of don’t more than one hundred, is all cheap goods on the ground.Clearly oneself in addition to the family, which is better than Korea arabesques of forsythia, but meet a person like this, more than forty years old still in trouble for the life, st John’s wort and Korea as long as oneself happy, Meng Chuanbai create for her a piece of happiness heaven and earth, all blame himself as blind as a bat, lost Meng Chuanbai this potential shares, if he agreed to at the time, Korea forsythia it is all their own.She not only hate parents cruel, also hate Han Lianqiao robbed her good day, Li Xueying has been hating his tragic experience, only 50 years, then died, did not think of everything has not yet returned to the beginning of the nineteen years old.(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!The best actor picks up a sticky rice ball and takes it home. Love You, My Life! When he learns that she is pregnant with twins, he cuts his wrists and commits suicide.Gao Gan article: “If have you, life what to beg” Anchen VS life, full of deep feeling!Dress Fast money! Or Me!There is a person, is she can not escape the robbery