“Did she sign the divorce papers?””Master, this is a critical illness notice for madame.”

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Recently for a period of time, a lot of friends all say oneself in the book, that, as the old fan is unbearable, so exquisite novel were recommended for everybody, every day are boring book shortage you no longer, if you like, don’t forget to click on the image focus on me, watch the word remember collection, fear not book again after drought, the abuse of edge sweet wife “she signed the divorce book?””Master, this is madame’s critical illness notice”!The first book: “Abusive fate sweet Wife” author: Lemon fish by the main line: “Abusive fate sweet Wife” “she signed the divorce papers?””Master, this is the wife’s critical illness notice” highlights: Han’s house is very large, there should be a lot of facilities, and in order to facilitate Han Su, many places have been modified, convenient for him to walk.Jiangnan Yue helped Han Su walk slowly. Neither of them spoke, but the figure leaning against each other was pleasing to the eye, and all the people in the house who knew the whole story were surprised to see it.Two little lady was originally and young good, now married two little, actually is also husband and wife love……Young people these days, they really don’t understand them…’I want to move out, Sunr.’This is gangnam Month today to think about the results of a day, she did not want to continue to face the Han xiao.”Why?””Now that we’re married, don’t we have to go on living with my big brother?”Jiangnan month think before marriage, two brothers live together also ok, are married also live together what?”Why not?My eldest brother is my only relative. I have lived here for more than 20 years and I am used to it. Why should I go out?”‘Look, everything here is familiar to me,’ Mr. Han said, gesturing to one side of the passageway reserved for his wheelchair. ‘A lot of things here were made especially for me. I like it here.”I thought you could let go of the past, let go of the past with your big brother, but now you still can’t let go of him, can you?”Gangnam Wol walked away and said, “Now that I have promised to marry you, I will put all the past behind me.”Han Su went to her and held her hand. “Moon, I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Sometimes I hate myself, too.Listening to Han Su’s words, Gangnam Moon took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Don’t talk, Su, everyone has their own choice. If you choose this path, you will die on this path.”(click below online free reading) the second: “Hundreds of millions of marriage engaged: sweet wife online” author: Abuse light wind by wonderful snippet: originally this 300 yuan she wanted to buy a souvenir for feng Guan wide he went abroad, now it seems that there is no good memorial.If it’s all done, it’s fake.Fu jiao Lao mouth a wry smile.Qu Che Huan again see Fu Jiao tou eyes injury, he generous three hundred dollars in the past, the story of three hundred dollars to him to squander it.When it’s done, the story’s changed.Qu Che-huan put the three hundred yuan wring ba once kick into the pocket, from the pocket out of the mobile phone, smiled and asked Fu Jiao tou, “your phone number?I’ll get back to you when I get the money.”What a great idea.Fu Jiao Lao looked at Qu Che Huan’s mobile phone, flat face said, “you add my wechat, the money directly to me.”Payment methods are so simple and varied that they don’t really require much contact.Qu Che-huan thought: maybe he money before one second turned over, the next second he was kicked out, that he was not in vain.Adding wechat is not good!”I did not bind wechat bank card, now the network is quite messy, accidentally account was black, MY last account was black let people take a lot of money, I remember that lesson, now are not online transfer, I still personally sent to your hand.”At least he did not transfer this wechat, Qu Che Huan added to the mind.Fu Jiao tsao felt that there was something wrong, but thinking that this might be the trouble of the rich, it would not think much.”First of all, I love that ‘this game is going to change everyone!’This sentence, very simple, but very realistic.In fact, life is like a hunger Games, there is cooperation, conflict and betrayal.Every individual can not avoid calculating, by any means to climb the ladder, want to become a person, everywhere calculating, step by step, fraud is necessary.Because the competition is very cruel, not to step on people is trampled on, Tao Lay at ease is not enough to settle down in this prosperous;Because only ‘alive’ can ‘live better’!In today’s society, especially in China, no one can get things done, no money can get things done.People live not life, but face!!Do not matter, but “bank card”!!Campus Dawn can easily greet strangers, but to become friends, the timer starts with “half a year”.Prefer a person to stay, think of their own mind, do their own things, indulge in their own world.Hate hypocritical affectation, flashy, hypocrisy, playing tricks, gossiping.Therefore, I am not ashamed of and despise many things such as extra marks, gift giving, and exchange of scores for personal relationships in university.And bud is too pure, do things by the rules one eye, see a problem too thoroughly too reality, to see the thing that does not agree with the eye and the person is more lazy take reason, will not do even surface kung fu, so her not much often gives a person haughty feeling, appear do not fit in with others.”Did she sign the divorce papers?””Master, this is your wife’s critically ill notice”, today’s recommendation is here, do not know what you want to say?Welcome to comment in the comments section below, xiaobian will see in time, looking forward to your comments ~