A-share: A number of positive factors, “carbon neutral” track can take advantage of the momentum (list)

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Policy benefits essence strategy: “carbon neutrality” is the theme of 40 years of good investment opportunities for the four main lines.Global warming causes frequent natural disasters, which must be paid attention to by all mankind.The continuous rise of global temperature brings higher precipitation, more frequent extreme weather and irreversible damage to the ecological balance.In recent years, due to the aggravation of the greenhouse effect, natural disasters occur frequently in many parts of the world, and the problem of climate warming becomes more and more serious.Once the climate critical point is reached, the ecological environment change will be irreversible.Tackling climate change requires collective action.China’s carbon reduction policy continues to deepen.China faces the problem of scarce oil and energy, and the extensive energy-intensive economic growth model in the early stage consumes too much resources and the environment. The development of low-carbon economy in the future will not only help maintain the sustainable development goals, but also further accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China’s industrial structure and the development of relevant high and new technologies.Carbon neutral good four main goals: clean energy: solar, wind, energy storage, biomass energy, new energy vehicles, smart grid, new energy, such as the upstream raw materials: copper, silicon metal, new energy (such as lithium, nickel, cobalt) carbon neutral goal driven class for change: coal and coal chemical industry, steel, cement and other sectors leading energy conservation and environmental protection requirements:Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in special cable business and new energy photovoltaic module business.The main products of the company include fire-retardant flexible cable, copper conductor, cable material, etc.There are 12 high-tech enterprises and 11 provincial engineering RESEARCH and development centers within the scope of consolidated statements.Company highlights: pioneer in the field of photovoltaic new energy power station construction.Financial analysis: Total market value: 6.286 billion;Gross margin: 9.22%;Net asset per share: RMB 4.73;Total operating revenue: 8.036 billion yuan, up 31.92% year on year.Company profile: Yueyanglin Paper Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of machine-made paper and commercial pulp and forestry management.The main products are commercial pulp board, packaging paper, printing paper, industrial paper, office paper, forestry sales, chemical products, commercial housing, construction and installation services, municipal gardens, sewage treatment.Company highlights: domestic forest-paper integration enterprise with upstream forestry resources and downstream paper business.Financial analysis: Total market value: 11.945 billion;Net asset per share: RMB 4.89;Gross margin: 17.94%;Total operating revenue: 5.776 billion yuan, up 18.18% year-on-year.Focused Photonics(Hangzhou),Inc. ‘s main business is to develop, manufacture and sell instruments for environmental monitoring, industrial process analysis and laboratory instrumentation.The main products of the company mainly include environmental monitoring system, environmental restoration and operation, consulting services, industrial process analysis system, laboratory analysis instruments, intelligent water conservancy and water systems, etc.The company has become one of the most extensive sales and service networks in the domestic industry of industrial process analysis instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, laboratory instruments and consumables.Company highlights: main environmental monitoring, industrial process analysis and safety monitoring of the field of instrumentation.Financial analysis: Total market value: 10.906 billion;Net asset per share: 8.16 YUAN;Gross margin: 44.07%;Total operating revenue: 2.087 billion yuan, down 11.35% year on year.Hunan Kaimeite Gases Co., Ltd., a professional environmental protection enterprise, is a petrochemical flare gas recovery and utilization enterprise.The main products are high purity food grade liquid carbon dioxide, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon.The four branches use ultra-high purification technology of carbon dioxide (which has been granted national patents) to produce food-grade carbon dioxide products, the quality of which is much higher than GB/T23938-2009 standard. Every year, samples are sent to laboratories that meet ISBT standards and are recognized by important customers/institutions for product inspection.Fully comply with the international food additive JECFA food grade standard.Company highlight: the largest annual production capacity of food grade liquid carbon dioxide production enterprise.Financial analysis: Total market value: 9.306 billion;Gross margin: 43.12%;Net asset per share: 1.69 YUAN;Total operating revenue: 486 million yuan, up 29.76% year on year.Company Profile: Gansu Lanke Petrochemical High-tech Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, installation and technical services of petroleum and petrochemical special equipment, as well as the quality and performance inspection and testing services of petroleum and petrochemical equipment.The main products and services include heat exchangers, air coolers, separation and processing equipment for crude oil production, fiber liquid film separation technology and complete sets of equipment, membrane separation technology and products, spherical tanks, towers, containers, oil drilling and production technology and equipment, inspection and testing services, etc.Company highlights: mainly engaged in petroleum, petrochemical equipment and petrochemical equipment quality performance testing services.Financial analysis: Total market value: 2.581 billion;Net asset per share: RMB 4.79;Gross margin: 8.88%;Total operating income: RMB 452 million, down 34.48% year on year.Please note: The article neither recommends the stock nor says how great the company is.It’s just a systematic analysis of the ticket, including bright spots and dark spots.The content and data in this article can be found in the company’s financial statements and announcements.For more exciting content, come to niuniu