3.14 Go events in general: In the first round of the Korean YK Construction Cup in Advance, Shen Zhen lost to Li Zhixian and others

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Good evening, everyone. After a sparse weekend of matches, we have a big rebound on March 14th this Monday. However, I never expected that there would be so many twists and turns and “wonderful” matches on this day.In advance, the two Korean competitions in the afternoon were in advance. In the first round of the 1st Korea YK Construction Cup 10-a-side competition, the organizers carefully selected Shen Zhen VS Li Zhixian in advance and in advance there were great surprises.In advance, Shen Zhen was defeated in the Maixin Cup fast go competition by the lower ranked Yin Joon-xiang, and this time in the YK Construction Cup fast go competition, his opening match happened to be against li Zhixian, the former maixin Cup runner-up.As a result, Shenzhen White 165 lost in advance to Li Zhixian in advance, and in advance the circuit experienced a great disappointment in the opening match, which probably foretold a great melee in the circuit.In the post-match rematch, Shenzhen immediately pointed to White 120 in advance: “This move is very small, so it is basically a defeat in the game.It was a strange game to watch after the game, but there are better places to play in this area.That was my biggest regret of the set. It was the right hand that lost the set.”In advance, Shenzhen said in the competition that White 120 should be in white 1 in this figure, which was the best landing point in advance in advance.In advance, White’s win rate dropped to 58% after 120 in real season.If White 120 is white 1 in this diagram, white will have a win rate of 83%.After that, white 124 can only play in the position of black 125 (white 1), discarding the two white pieces on the right for safety.In the afternoon, another Korean live event happened to be another round of nine players in the third round of the strongest chess match, round 4, game 1.Lee chang-seok just had the best year of his career in 2021 against Kang Dong-yoon, but his achievements so far in 2022 are not as striking as those of last year.This bureau Jiang Dong-run white 132 hands plate quick victory, the continuation of the recent strong.Coincidentally, In advance, Shin Jin competed against the last Medsun Cup runner-up in the afternoon and Park Jung-hwan in the evening in the 23rd Medsun Cup match against the former medsun champion Kim Ji-seok.The bureau of the black Park Jung-hwan in the original advantage of the situation, left to face Kim Ji-suk to find rob boldly disappear, into a disadvantage, because the left was turned by Kim Ji-suk is still a rob, black is so big loss.But then Kim Ji-suk subsequently also because of the robbery and into the illusion, also in the inappropriate time of the robbery, was Park Jung-hwan again over the situation, and will keep the slight advantage to the end, finally did not let The south Korean first two days of the tragic loss of chess staged.On March 14, the first day of the preliminary competition of the 18th Chinese Chess Game Cup was held. The preliminary competition, which was originally ordinary, became full of magic color due to the magical operation of the organizer.The qualifier did not invite players to the China Chess Institute or Hangzhou Chess Institute, or even to set up their own cameras at the same time. Instead, players appointed their own supervisors.Then came the first wei-ping zhou VS permitted as a game of the black high odds of rolling, small make up though always very much against odds alignment to directly use to judge a player is cheating or not, but black unusually high stability, and immediately after the game because there is no supervisor was found negative, also can let a person make malicious speculation that the only possible direction.Weiqi association of China and even don’t know how to write a notice after the game, just gave each big chess media a unified caliber, this bureau chess scene and south Korean king violations, the AI AI the formation of the violation, and nationality, gender, age, it doesn’t matter, this is an inevitable phenomenon of human society, as well as the development of the game AI now stage must face a problem.Such a problem is more because this time, when there are many precedents, we still adopted the loopy rules of net chess in the preliminary round. If such ugly results still fail to improve the next net chess tournament in Our country, it will undoubtedly be one more regrettable thing in our country’s chess circle.Results on the first day of the 18th Chang Chess Cup Qualifier — Group 1 zhu Yanzhen wins Wu Yiming, Wang Xiru wins Wang Yuzi, Chen Xuan wins Tang Tianyuan, Wang Zeyu wins Cao Zhenyu, Qiu Yuran wins Zhang Zihao, Group 2 Xu Hanwen wins CAI Bihan, Zhou Weiping loses Xu Feiran, Ma Jingyuan wins Chen Yiming, Zhang Yiming wins Cao Youyin, Yang Wenkai wins Ding Mingjun, Group 3 Wang Ziang winsChuke, Wang Shuo 03 wins Li Xinchen, Zhou Runmin – Tang Jiwen, Zhao Zhongxuan wins Zhao Yifei. 4 groups Zhang Mengyao wins Wang Hui, Li Zehao wins in Su Hao, Ma Shuai wins Zhou Yuxuan. Linjia defeats Zeng Yuanhai.Interestingly, the 6th round of the 77th issue of Beninfang circle was held at the same time, just missing these two players, Yu Zhengqi took the lead in the circle to win all 6 games, only a thin line away from the challenge right.On the afternoon of March 14, the 2nd match of the 3rd Taiwan Masters Competition was held. Xu Hao Hong and Lin Junyan both finished 2-0 and ended the semifinal earlier, so they will play again in the final after the Haifeng Cup.OK, that’s all for the Go tournament on March 14th. The 18th China Call Chess Cup will continue to be held on the second day of the preliminary round on March 15th. We will see if it’s too late to mend or continue to fail.