With 25+9+, Love is back to the top!Allen 29+22, demon guard!The knight refuses to reverse

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After a road trip that ended with two straight losses, the hornets returned home to face the formidable Cavaliers.Hornets side, team will heyward usher in a comeback, and this service Hornets can defend home, three + Bridges + Rozier undoubtedly need to come forward.In contrast, the Cavaliers side, Garland due to injury absence, Mobley state hot, and this service team away battle, can withstand the pressure, can be said to be both opportunities and challenges!In the end, after four quarters, with Allen and Love’s outstanding play, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the first three quarters, they overcame the Hornets, as many as 17 points lead.In the final quarter, though, Rozier and Oubre were hot, leading the Hornets on a comeback surge that turned the game around and led them to the lead.But the Cavaliers’ height advantage began to show. Allen made a putback, Love drew a foul on an offensive rebound and then made two free throws for the game-winning drive.Along with the Hornets’ last offensive error, the away team, the Cavaliers, also narrowly defeated the Hornets 102-101, worthy of the trip at the same time, also gave the rival Hornets 3 consecutive losses!Going on the road, the Cavaliers shook off their previous loss and managed to win the game with a multi-point team effort.In the case of mobley, Dean Wade and other key players, the two core Allen, Love, and goodwin play is particularly important.Allen was efficient, shooting 60 percent from the field on 12-for-20 shooting in 32 minutes, scoring a game-high 29 points and adding 22 rebounds and two assists.Among them, he scored 13 points in the first quarter of the single section of the magic performance, not only helped the Cavaliers smoothly opened the situation, but also dominated the inside of the attack and defense at both ends, once became the Hornets difficult to solve the existence!In addition, as a veteran with both experience and strength, love’s play in this game also played a crucial role.Love was on fire, hitting six 3-pointers and 25 points, nine rebounds and one assist in 24 minutes off the bench.And he scored 22 points in the second half, and the key performance of the free throw is indeed a bit of a dream peak taste!Of course, the Cavaliers were able to win this game, demon guard Goodwin’s performance, also contributed to the.Goodwin made four 3-pointers and finished with 12 points, five rebounds, nine assists and four steals, doing what his coach told him to do.Not only did goodwin win on the offensive end, but also successfully revitalized the team’s offense. On the defensive end, Goodwin also disrupted the Hornets’ offensive rhythm and deployment many times, and made a great contribution to the Cavaliers’ victory.On the other hand, the Hornets, although the team played the game in double figures of four tenacious performance, but the team failed to withstand the pressure in the last quarter, and finally lost by one point, suffering a three-game losing process, apparently to the home fans some difficult to accept.With rozier + Oubre playing 24+3+4 and 21+9+1+1+1, lamelo Ball + Hayward’s three-goal performance was a bit disappointing.Lamelo Ball was in a slump, finishing with 15 points, six rebounds and three assists on 5-for-14 shooting in 31 minutes, and committing six turnovers to ruin many of his best chances to win.After all, the whole game, Hayward shot only 3 of 13 cold not to mention, is only 1 of 5 from the 3-point range completely lost sight.Obviously, the hornets have lost three games in a row and dropped out of the top eight in the Eastern Conference. Considering the momentum of the team and the schedule ahead, we have to say that the young Hornets will face more challenges and tests.