What attractions do you have to miss when you first come to Qingdao? Remember to collect this guide

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Traveling is one of the most relaxing ways to relax yourself. No matter how much emotion you have in your heart, all your worries will disappear when you look at the beautiful scenery from afar.In the past few years, I have rarely been able to spare time to travel. I face a lot of invisible pressure every day, and I have all kinds of troubles, but I have no one to talk to. Therefore, I decide to travel to see the outside world and face life with a new attitude.I always want to see the sea, this trip location is set for Qingdao, red tiles green trees, blue sea and blue sky, are my heart yearning for the beautiful scenery.Today, I want to share the happiness of this tour with you. I have specially compiled a tour guide, hoping that it will be of little help to those who want to come to Qingdao.About my route sharing: Day1: Trestle — St. Michael’s Church, Badaguan — May 4th Square, Olympic Fan Center — Back to Hotel Day2: Yangkou Scenic Resort — Taiqing Palace Scenic Spot — Baishui River Day3:Tangdao Bay – Huangdao Beer City – Golden Beach – home This is a itinerary for my three days in Qingdao, you can have a look, if you want to go to the scenic spots can follow this route to play, if there are other places you want to play can be adjusted.Badaguan: there are various national style buildings, princess building, flower stone building and so on have different characteristics, and here is very close to the seaside, friends who want to see the seascape go directly to the seaside can see the second beach, blue sea water, slight sea breeze, bring you different experience.Laoshan: far from the urban area, it is best to start in advance, the scenery here is very beautiful, divided into different routes for mountaineering, when you climb the top of the mountain, you can look at the surrounding seascape, beautiful, just for you to appreciate, we suggest you can spend a day here to play oh.In addition, there are a few scenic spots I have not been to, just listen to my guide introduced, but it sounds really beautiful, next time I have time to clock in these scenic spots.Wheat Island: One of the less popular attractions, green grass, blue water, it’s like being in a garden, walk along the island, enjoy the stunning sea view.University Road: as a net red card point, has been deeply loved by tourists friends, many friends to Qingdao will come here to take pictures, instant can let you get a big picture.Note: You should take care of your belongings, do not lose them, and remember to prepare all the necessary items for the trip, prepare the health code, pay attention to your safety, and enjoy a happy trip to Qingdao.If you decide to visit Qingdao, remember to watch the weather well in advance.Pay attention to xiaobian, take you to visit many beautiful scenery, taste the food from different places, feel the most beautiful scenery.If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section.Note: pictures from the network, infringement contact us to delete.